CES 2008: Sony OLED TV Interview

"OLED technology is extremely interesting and produces the best picture we've seen yet in a commercially released device, but there are some doubts about its longevity, cost, and mass producability.

Sony's Jim Arvanitis was more than happy to talk about their support of OLED technology and tell us all about the 11" OLED HDTV that is currently available from SonyStyle."

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2Negativecool4658d ago

It would make me supremely happy to see every manufacturer phase out LCD, plasma, etc to concentrate entirely on OLED technology.

Holy god that picture quality. Pretty light on the electric bill too which is a huge plus.

Make it affordable within the next couple years...pretty please!

BrianC62344658d ago

I can't believe they mentioned it's too expensive. Sure $2200 for an 11" TV is too much but then plasma TVs were $20,000 when plasma first came out. Nobody should talk about cost of new TV technology. Everything is expensive when it first comes out. That 11" TV will be a gadget found on the desks of the rich. And maybe in their kitchens or bathrooms.

DJ4658d ago

Still too small and expensive at this point, but if they put out 50~60 inch versions in the next few years, I might consider getting that instead of an LCD. (I have a 720p LCD right now)

jam94658d ago

This 11" one is 960x540 (quater size of 1080p). Another one (24" or so) might have 1080p but not aveilable in public. I think we need to wait a few years for the 1080p OLED. I cannot wait!

travelguy2k4657d ago

a 1080p signal but will only display its native resolution.