EG's Tom Cruise spoof: PS3ology

It's no secret that Sony is rabid about the PlayStation 3 being the best videogame system around. However, a leaked internal memo stated that Sony has now acquired the most important recruit in all of PlayStation history. Here's a clip of the new indoctrination video showing that recruit.

Also if you haven't watched the Tom Cruise video here is a link:http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/75129

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Charlie26885723d ago

The (real) Tom Cruise video is probably one of THE creepiest things I ave EVER seen, its no joke the whole Tom Cruise is crazy

But good job EG i've become a regular watcher from a few weeks back :D

Ri0tSquad5723d ago


That video creeped me the hell out. When he started laughing around 4:12, I knew he was crazy.

Baba19065723d ago

he has no f........ clue what he is talking about has he? omg thats soo spooky.

how can someone talk 9 minutes long without saying anything that makes any sence?

hahah :"i would love this world to be something else, i would like to go to play but i cant, beoucouse i know...... i knowww" what the hell hihi.

i Shank u5723d ago

thx for posting that, gave you bubbles.
BBC has a good documentary on scientology. http://youtube.com/watch?v=...

scientology sucks, stay away!

TitanUp5723d ago

this is some funny shizzilisifelious

Ludwig5723d ago

Is only me or is he a better actor than Tom Cruise?

gamesR4fun5723d ago

pretty anti ps3 but funny has hell.
thx for sharing.

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