Unlikely Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

Up First, Master Chief from Halo
"Why He Won't Show up: Simple – he's Bungie's baby. And unless Bungie makes some sort of superstar deal with Nintendo under Microsoft's nose (or at least comes to an agreement over the long-rumored Halo DS port), he's bound to stay in Microsoft's corner."

"It's A Shame Because: We'll never see Samus Aran vs. Master Chief."

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ChickeyCantor4660d ago

Actually few of his argument stand no ground.
im saying this because ZELDA is no fighter either yet she kicks and punches.
Game and watch wasnt a fighter.

Ice climbers are no fighters aside from the Hammer smashing.
Olimar is no fighter. ETC ETC.

And the only potential character would be Conker...but thats my opinion.

sonarus4660d ago

yea smash bros is more for cuddly characters except 4 snake offcourse lol. I would love to see someone like kratos in soul calibur or master chief but not sure how his fighting style would go down but kratos would be perfect for soul calibur. Maybe they can do dwnloadable characters its a long shot but kratos would be d ultimate soul calibur bad a$$

BardockS30Z4660d ago

I feel dumber after reading those character pics. Niko from GTA4... Altair...

ChickeyCantor4660d ago

yeah, agree i really dont see how they fit in this game =/

RecSpec4660d ago

The worst part is how they go

Why it's a shame: (Character we picked) would (method of killing) (SSB character)

Pathetic really, did they need to do that 4 times in a row?

Iron Man 24660d ago

Looking at Master Chief makes me want to barf(seriously),I seriously hope he isn't a characer in SSBB,I really want to play the game later on this year,infact SSBB is one of the biggest reasons why I am buying a Nintendo Wii,please don't let this be/come true

socomnick4660d ago

You can always choose not to play as him I dont see what the problem would be.

RecSpec4660d ago

Him being in the game would be the same as Snake.

There is no chance of this happening because of many reasons. MC was never on a nintendo console. Snake is much more popular in japan than MC. Kojima wanted Snake in SSB, he convinced them to put him in. and so on and so on.

Master chief wouldn't be that bad really, and this is from someone who has never finished a Halo game.

mullet4660d ago

Dumbest article of 08.

Mr_Kuwabara4660d ago

Hmm, I think Samus would kick Master Chief's @$$ (No offense to Halo fans) Her suit is just awesome, and those upgrades that you get throughout the games make it even cooler.

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The story is too old to be commented.