Rumor: April 25th seems to be GTAIV Release Date

GTA4HQ writes:

"A North American stock-trading website called Tradingmarkets is carrying the news that Grand Theft Auto IV is "...scheduled to reach retailers in April". When combined with an independent third-party source who has contacted SPOnG, we would actually place the release date as Friday April 25th."

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4666d ago

according to Sunday's flyer/ sells paper. :)
It's R*, who knows???

Lifendz4665d ago

can't wait. Already got music on my hdd in preparation for in-game xmb in GTA. Hope R* got it right. They really changed things for this GTA. I'd hate it to be buggy. Hope they utilize the PS3's standard hdd and the storage of blu-ray. We should have an install like DMC4 in order to avoid any load times.

vloeistof4666d ago

3 days for my b,day so i wont have to pay for the game if true

vickers5004665d ago

1 day before my birthday, so me neither.

Kleptic4665d ago

25th is my birthday...

Christmas in April...its easy to remember, so don't forget to send me something awesome...I am the king you know...

Mr_Kuwabara4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

For some reason I don't feel such a great anticipation for this game anymore..

EDIT: @Relcom

Yup I like the series but my name isn't really because of it. In MGS3, Volgin used to say "Kuwabara, Kuwabara" to ward off the lightning and to prevent bad luck towards him when it rained; I liked the name so I just added a "Mr" and eliminated the repeated word on it hehe.

MGS3 spoiler:

And we all know what happened to Volgin when he mocked/didn't say "Kuwabara Kuwabara" to the rain at the end of MGS3 don't we? :P

Skaterboy Tell Em4665d ago

Beacause the xbox 360 is holding this game back with last gen dvd9,thanks MS you're the best.

Relcom4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Just wondering cause of the name

@ ahh i see. Makes sense thanks for the explaination. Bubbles for your answer

InYourMom4665d ago

It's a 10yo PS3 fanboy making a fake account to mock me.

Wow, that is a new idea. You must be a real hit with the ladies.

Kleptic4665d ago

InYourMom...a direct quote from Nathan Drake?...what are you getting at exactly?...I didn't think you played great games, let alone quote them...

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mighty_douche4665d ago

So im guessing thats US?

and has GTA got online? i never seem to see people talk about it, i mean Saints Row had it right so?

Iron Man 24665d ago

GTA is all about the single player IMO

Anyways,I can't wait to pick up the superior version of GTA IV for my PS3 in a couple of months;)

BTW isn't MGS4 also coming out in April 08 ur so?Double the PLEASURE for me and many PS3 owners if true

mighty_douche4665d ago

Umm cheers for the reply but you didnt really answer my questions and just wrote some spam?

can someone useful help?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

SR had online aswell but it was terrible.

I don`t know any of the details about GTAIV MP, but i know it has it.

NO spam!


a quote from gamedaily

"Yes, There's Multiplayer
Grand Theft Auto IV will have multiplayer, which may include cooperative play in certain areas of the game. No other details have been revealed yet, other than it will involve more than "your standard deathmatch" shootfest."

captainpwn4665d ago

So, 4 months to release and we've barely seen anything but trailers? Where are the interviews and videos of hand on builds, and detailed previews, etc. Soo close to the biggest game of this gen so far, and only 3 trailers?

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