Conflict: Denied Ops Preview - Strategy Informer

Strategy Informer's conclusion: "So, the focus for Denied Ops is firmly on fun then, at the expense of tactics and substance. Indeed, Pivotal have even gone as far as saying that this is a shooter aimed purely at the 'casual' market, whatever that may be outside of the Wii. I'm not convinced however that the design of the game really knows what it wants to be at this stage. Is it fun with a friend? Sure, but probably not to the extent that the developer intends. There are some good moments to be found, and nothing stands out as particularly badly implemented at this stage, but in a year that's chock-full of decent looking co-op shooters, Denied Ops will have to do a lot to outgun the competition. We look forward to getting our hands on a review copy in the near future."

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