The MacBook Air is the Cube 2.0

"When I saw the MacBook Air in person this week at Macworld Expo, I was having a hard time figuring out what about it seemed so familiar. Then I remembered. The G4 Cube. "Overpriced and underconfigured" were the words we used to describe it in our review in 2000, and many of the same complaints could be applied directly to the MacBook Air." writes Molly Wood.

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lonestarmt4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

isn't this news for This has nothing to do with games. Just a mac hate filled article, by someone who prob doesn't know how to use a mac, and thinks vista is the best OS ever.

LJWooly4663d ago

I don't know about that, but the Mac pwns the pc over and over again.

Only problem is, they're not really affordable. I guess one thing you've got to admire Microsoft for is making home PCs so affordable, and the software available too. Nonetheless, the software sucks (it's Microsoft, duh), but at least they set a standard for others to follow.

I don't really admire anything else about Microsoft, though, because I'm really not into the whol 'FUD' thing, I think it reflects negatively on the industry.

lonestarmt4663d ago

true, but some people need to realize sometimes you get what you pay for.

DJ4663d ago

Then again, I only use discs for installation and movies. If I was on the go, this would be perfect.

Bonsai12144663d ago

there's a huge thread about this on some forum i go to. i don't think its the cube 2.0, but i do think it caters to an extremely limited demographic. like i've said before, its not meant to be a primary computer. its meant to be a secondary ultraportable on-the-go type computer.

and you need to give apple credit for bringing down its prices so much. the imac base model is only like 1099, and the hardware in it already trumps most pc's at that price. i know you can build a better one for less, but we're talking about retail here.

wageslave4662d ago

This new ultraportable costs $400ish more than other ultraportable laptops on the market, and it has far fewer features.

ITR4663d ago

I want the MB Air but I'm holding out for a MB Pro because I need a bigger HDD.
I've got almost 30GB of music now and that would eat most of the 64 SSD drive up.
Even with the 80GB that isn't much more.

Still waiting for the MB pro update.