LittleBigPlanet will not intimidate users, says Sony

The game keeps it's 2D structure primarily to deter users from feeling intimidated. It's much easier to work with a 2D world, anyway. The intense physics engine helps keep things fresh and prevents the game from becoming just a 2D platformer. Keeping things approachable and keeping the single-player experience fun and satisfying are also keys to success. While some levels can be designed with teamwork in mind, if it's not fun alone, it probably won't work online.

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PStriple7034667d ago

This game will be a big hit! you and other ps3 buddies running around creating and playing levels can't wait

kevoncox4667d ago

This game will flop. It has all of the underline notions of a flop.
Huge hype, nothing is known about the game....and it's a platformer.
If RC didn't sell...LBP won't. Sony better push this back.

fenderputty4667d ago

Sony is going to have to market the hell out of this game for it to succede on a large scale. Everyone I show the game too likes it though. Who wouldn't want to make your own levels. The create aspect of the game needs to be pushed heavily but, if it is, the game should do fine.

Either way I'm getting it and am going to enjoy it's awesomeness.

TheExecutive4667d ago

maybe you should do some research before you say nothing is known about this title. Just becauase YOU know nothing about the game doesnt mean that others dont. Quit trolling.

fenderputty4667d ago

in all fairness, the general population doesn't really know a damn thing about LBP. For this game to succede on a larger scale, it will have to appeal to the broader audience. Just showing commercials of sack people won't be enough either. They need to push the create aspects of the game.

kevoncox4667d ago

Thank you,
Some people realize what I meant. i'm not trolling. I should have explained that the game will probally receive high scores but it doesn't sound like the type of game that will sell on a Sony system especially since the price is still at a hardcore gamer level( 399.99)
RC and LPB will sell a lot of units when the ps3 is arounf $199.99.

Jandre024667d ago

That what advertisements are for. Its not set to release until fall 2008. By that time the PS3 will cost less than 300 to make, and the price of the 40gb will be around $299.

We know this price point works for casual gamers, just look at the Wii. Europe and Japan will eat this game up. The 360 can't do casual, the Playstation brand has been doing casual for years. Nice try though, but the PS3 is the only console that touches all ends of the spectrum.

RecSpec4667d ago

Keep in mind some of that hype is due to the lack of knowledge about it. Think of Nintendo's marketing strategy. They are tight-lipped about everything.

kevoncox4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Jandre -
They touch all ends but are in last place...
Go figure.

HarryEtTubMan4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Kevon sucks Cox how about u stop worrying yourself to death over how well these PS3 games are going to do in 2008. Get used to it buddy. I have a good feeling your crystal ball is broken.

DJ4667d ago

"If Ratchet and Clank didn't sell, then LBP won't sell."

For his information, Ratchet and Clank sold well past 700,000 units last year, and it's probably close to 800,000 right now. The haters have been spreading so much FUD that people actually believe that "PS3 Games don't sell."

Infinity Ward, Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, Ninja Theory, Insomniac, ThatGameStudio, Incog, Evolution Studios, and many more can fully disagree with that. =]

kevoncox4667d ago

75,000 in the first month sales in Oct. Magically it sold 7X that
Please show me your link?

n_n4667d ago

i think this game will cater to the creative nerds, kids and those who are big fans of the platforming genre. My daughter is more hyped for this game than i am and i'm already a LittleBigFan of this game :P

sony does need to put a lot of emphasis on its marketing and try to appeal to the casual gamers and younger audience than to the hardcores who only like to shoot things with guns. LBP has a lot of potential.

fenderputty4667d ago

R&C acutally sold that many in only a couple of days. The game was released at the end of the month. The data was twisted into poor sales when in reality the game has done well.

Electricear4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

VG Chartz is the closest to accurate info most of us are going to get on the sales of titles, and according to it R&C:FToD looks like in the first 4 weeks it sold around 242k not 75k as you suggest. Based off the same data it's currently sitting at just under 660k total sales. We know VG Chartz isn't super accurate, but it's not 167,000 off like your comment would have us believe.

EDITED to fix a typo

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Kain814667d ago

I hope there will be more Games like this

dino6454667d ago

going to be one of the best games of 2008 can't wait till it comes out..

bootsielon4667d ago

And for a PSP version to be almost completely 2D.

The Killer4667d ago

this game if they make a lot of levels that takes 15-20 of game play plus the online then this game will be triple A with selling millions!

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