Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 UK Preview from IGN

UK, January 21, 2008

Martin Robinson of IGN writes:

"With the belated Wii version of Pro Evolution 2008, Konami is looking to prove once more why its brand has always been regarded the definitive football sim. We had an extended hands-on with the new motion controlled Pro Evolution 2008, and can happily report that it looks like Konami is about to produce one of the biggest leaps forward in the series to date."

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Rama262854661d ago

Oh dear, how did this get approved with so many channels when this only relates to the Wii version??

You bought an Xbox4661d ago

But in truth i totally SUCK big time at this game i'm always getting my ass kicked of 7 year old kids
But if anyone wants to add me to there friend list(Please i hav'nt got many friends) feel free to do so and you can give me the ass whoopin of the century

Eretik4661d ago

Yet another great title for smart gamers.

wiizy4661d ago

the gameplay in this game seem fresh and new

.. hope wii owners support it

ManOnFire4661d ago

The write up sounds promising. I will be picking it up when it gets here and I am hopeing the on-line is stable enough for some multiplayer action.

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