EA's Peter Moore Says Free-To-Play Is Inevitable

EA's chief operating officer Peter Moore has expressed his belief that free-to-play is an "inevitability" for all mainstream games.

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NYC_Gamer3878d ago

F2P is cool long as publishers produce quality and not get carried away with nickle and dime tactics

Boody-Bandit3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Yeah that's the problem. These "small inexpensive pieces" IGN are referring to will add up to more than a $60 game plus DLC. Mark my words.

So basically what he is saying is micro transactions will replace DLC and we will replace the $60 MSRP of games with trying to get you to purchase a plethora of micro transactions.

How will they do this? The same way they do it now. Segregation. If you don't purchase the micro transaction you and your friends will be split up according to who purchases what. That is how the COD franchise and some other games currently work. Or should I say don't work? If you don't all have the same map packs your party gets divided and you have to restart the party.

Just another way to make milking us to death with nickle and diming look like they aren't milking us to death. Ultimately it will lead to the demise of gaming as we know it if they try to go this route.

I rarely ever purchase DLC and that isn't ever going to change regardless of the price of the game. The devs and publishers are bassackwards. They need to go back to a one price deal and create cost effective DLC. Most of it isn't worth an extra expense. They are trying to eradicate the used market and now they are trying to get us to pay for a franchise title all the way up to the release of the sequel.

Good luck with that gaming industry. If you were to go this route full blown I would simply find another way to occupy my free time and I have been a gamer since it's inception.

SJPFTW3878d ago

DLCs are not new. Back in the day they were called expansion packs

sikbeta3877d ago

I still trying to think how the hell anyone can do a Single Player game and make work as F2P, how is going to be? pay per chapter? campaing full of ads, like the Sony "best-brand-soda" patent? force micro-transactions, kind of like make a game "difficult" in a way that you need to buy "something" to complete the character and move on to next chapter/stage?

I really don't think is going to work with SP games and I don't think it's going to work for most games IF all become F2P at the same time

OneAboveAll3878d ago

Please stop calling it free to play. Because it's not. It's Pay to Win.

Megaton3878d ago

That's funny. IGN wrote it as "free-to-play is inevitable". I saw this same article on several other sites where the title focused more on the fact that he says "micro-transactions will be in all games".

DrRobotnik3878d ago

I call Shenanigans on that statement Mr. Moore!!!

Horny Melon3878d ago

This from the same douche whos kiss of death resulted in the death of sega hardware and the 360s RROD.

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The story is too old to be commented.