Feasting On The Bones Of The Madden Curse

Don't believe in the Madden Curse? Great. Think the Madden Curse is just a laugh? Good for you, the world needs laughter. But if you're one of the millions of suckers who genuinely believe that appearing on the cover of EA Sport's Madden dooms an athlete to a season of injury and/or misfortune, please, read on. You may as well see why you're a sucker.

Since 1998, when Garrison Hearst became the first person besides John Madden himself to appear on the cover of EA's monster franchise, eleven NFL players have graced the series' box. And, as we'll see in a minute, yes, bad things happened to some of them.

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SuicidalTendencies4665d ago

Anyone who buys Madden year after year is "cursed" with a crappy football game. I can only hope the NFL decides not to renew the exclusive deal they have with EA. We need to get some kind of petition going to send to the NFL to stop this exclusive bullcrap. We need to wake them up a tell them we want more options for football games.

BrianC62344665d ago

I'm in the middle on this Madden curse thing. It does seem to happen every year. But then, football is a dangerous sport. There's probably at least a 50% chance every NFL player will get hurt every season. Vince Young did seem to have a mediocre second season though. Maybe he's more of a believer in the curse now? At least it would be an excuse.

permutated4665d ago

I think that if anything, people who appear on the cover of Sports games just get a high off their popularity, which causes them to emulate the invincibility they see in their game character.

I mean, I could be wrong, but I see a direct correlation between popularity and self destruction.

Rice4665d ago

Go PATRIOTS, all the way baby.