Condemned 2: Bloodshot - Gamespot Hands-On

Gamespot writes: "Grab yourself a brick and join us as we put Bloodshot's multiplayer features to the test during an action-packed meeting with Sega." "The most interesting of Bloodshot's multiplayer modes by far is crime scene, which tasks a team of SCU operatives with locating and scanning two crucial pieces of evidence (decapitated heads inside coolers) that the influenced players are attempting to hide and defend.

Influenced players can move the coolers around at any time but move much more slowly when carrying them. SCU players are equipped with gas spectrometers that help them to pinpoint the locations of the coolers but that must be held out in front of them to work effectively, making it impossible to defend themselves."

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Charlie26884660d ago

Looks like the game has BRUTAL potential! O.o

I LOVED the first one XD

Dr Pepper4660d ago

Sounds like Multiplayer will provide a lot of entertainment, but I really want to play the campaign. The first was awesome and had a lot of crazy, intense moments.

Ru4659d ago

Still 2 months away.. I made myself sad by reading this :(

Genuine4659d ago

Condemned 2 will be the first AAA of the year.