A Game of Thrones Review (cheatcc.com)

Why are licensed games universally horrible? Why can't all licensed games raise to the standard of the N64's GoldenEye, the Genesis' Aladdin, or the NES' DuckTales? Generally, it's because tie-in products like this are low-budget, rushed affairs that are looking to do little more than make a quick buck off of the hype surrounding a new IP. Is this the case with A Game of Thrones? Frankly, we don't know for sure, but it certainly has all the trappings of a game of such description.

Snookies124111d ago

It's not ALWAYS true, Spiderman 2 was amazing for its web physics and combat. Though that might be the only one I can think of in recent history lol.

SaffronCurse4111d ago

Spongebob Battle for Bikini bottom was amazing

NovusTerminus4111d ago

Ehhh... It's "Game of Thrones" not "A Game of Thrones"

Just saying...

NovusTerminus4111d ago


The book was. But the show, and the game he reviewed is just called "Game of Thrones"

andibandit4111d ago

Actualy it's "The a game of Thrones""


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