Best Buy to Offer Blu-ray Gift Card

From Dealerscope:

"In another attempt to strike a decisive blow against HD DVD, Blu-ray has come together with Best Buy on a promotion to provide gift cards to those purchasing Blu-ray Disc movies.

According to the technology Web site, the retail chain will offer $10 gift cards to the store with the purchase of two Blu-ray Discs, and $25 gift cards for those purchasing three. The offer covers all movies on Blu-ray, including Spider-Man 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Ratatouille."

More sign of Best Buy favoring Blu-ray!

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ScottEFresh4665d ago

I'll be getting an HDTV most likely right before/right after superbowl from BB so I'm sure I'll pick up a few BR movies too...this helps ! :)

Antiomo4665d ago

If they just stop supplying hd-dvd. And the remaining hd-dvd's placed in the bargain bin the same bargain bins as dvd's

DJ4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Might as well go there once a few more titles that I want come out. Use the gift card against DMC4. The reason I bought Uncharted at Circuit City is because I got a $10 Gift card with that purchase, and ended up using that card within 10 minutes for a Blu-ray movie.

cr33ping_death4665d ago

damn blu ray is now taking a sh!t on hd hd dvds grave. well keep pilling on top.

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