Multiple platforms the 'holy grail' for publishers

Making it big in the video game industry isn't exactly a cakewalk. Only a fraction of the thousands of games released each year, are rewarded with the majority of the profits. When investors look for a video game they consider to be worth their money and energy, they are not looking for the next Halo or Guitar Hero. The games are now considered to be secondary to the overall user experience.

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InYourMom4665d ago

and usually crap/garbage games to the consumer. Only a couple developers have actually made multiplatform titles worth $60 this gen. Most are rushed garbage that never takes advantage of a systems architecture.

AceLuby4665d ago

That is the best comment I've ever seen you make and I completely agree w/ you. A nice breath of fresh air from the usual. Keep it up and I might be sending some bubbles your way.

eddierivera4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

the only good multi platform game out in existence is Call of duty 4. Multi platform games that are ported from the xbox 360 are crap. Ill never ever buy a multi platform game in my life again,, Mx vs. Atv for the ps3 dont even have voice chat.

I'm dont mean to knock the Xbox 360 hardware by any means. You xbots got some good games out, that I do envy.