Turning Point's Message? 'What Are You Fighting For?'

As part of an in-depth Gamasutra interview, Spark Unlimited CEO Craig Allen has been discussing the message behind upcoming alternate-history WWII title Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty, suggesting the nation-conquering storyline has messages relevant to today.

"For our team, having spent a lot of time doing WWII games... Medal of Honor was really exploring what it means to be a hero in war. Call of Duty was exploring what is that kind of personal role that somebody plays as part of a team or a squad... Maybe there's honor, maybe there's glory, but you really want to get out alive with your buddies... survival.

So with Turning Point, it was exploring what the personal choices a citizen makes due to engaged conflict and also having some fun with exploring alternate weaponries, find out where technology would have evolved with the Nazis if we hadn't interrupted their progress. How would the conflict dynamics have changed if America stayed isolated and didn't build a war machine?"

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Diugu4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Interesting... would be nice... play the role of a freedom fighter on a world ruled by the Nazis.

Located on New York.

Ashta4663d ago

"How would the conflict dynamics have changed if America stayed isolated and didn't build a war machine?"

You mean what would have happened if Roosevelt had caved in to the pressure of the anti-war protesters and the congress that was extremely reluctant to go to war?

Probably what we will see in Turning Point. I'm glad that we've had leaders that didn't cave to noodle-spined weaklings that like to call themselves Americans :P

Mr Marbles4663d ago

but you should know that W is the last of such Presidents, from now on because of the latest Iraq conflict, leaders will always play it safe and cave in to the anti war option, no matter how serious the threat. They will avoid fighting to defend this country and instead, sit and be intimidated by evil in a U.N. sort of way.

Expect weak presidents that look to Europe to lead the world, and this country for the next 3 presidencies(24 yrs).