Want good Wii games? Then buy them

Many Nintendo fans have been concerned with the lack of good hardcore games, along with good third-party games, on Nintendo's newest home console. But here is a little something Wii Live would like to say about this…

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ohhthegore4665d ago

I've bought about 2 games for my Wii this year and about 10 for my PS3. Im just alot more interested in online gaming or something to spend more money on wii games.

PS360WII4665d ago

I have more Wii games then I do PS3 and 360 so I'm doing my part ^^

kingOVsticks4665d ago

I knew dat b4 I bought it. Besides Mario and link nothing really intrest me in the wii. Sure its great when you have company over but after they leave something is very sad about playing wii sports by yourself >_> ontop of that it gets boring. So I got a PS3 soon after so I can have a hardcore system and a casual system. Had a 360 elite but things tend to go red.

PS360WII4665d ago

It's a relative term 'hardcore' it doesn't mean what I think many people believe it to be. Hardcore could be just playing one and only one game, or it could be playing everything under the sun which could be called a video game, or it could be buying the most expensive thing, or it could be having blood in every screen, or having a platform game that required the perfect jump and perfect timing to get past the stage.

As far as intrests go as of right now I'm playing about 5 or so different games on the Wii while I'm only playing Mass Effect on 360 and Uncharted on PS3 and awaiting for the fresh stuff to come out on them.

RecSpec4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

And how many of those Wii games are VC?

Just kidding. But seriously though, I compare the Wii to the DS. The Wii will eventually get those cool niche games that can only be done with that system. Devs just have to figure out how to implement the controls in a way that makes sense, but is also fun.

PS360WII4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

0 I haven't been playing much of my VC games. To busy with the new ones ^^

yea I do also think last year was a stepping stone for developers with the Wii. It takes time and even more time when it's Nintendo. Games take more than a year to make so this first batch was probably a quick 6 months and shove it out mentality

RecSpec4665d ago

Sorry that was meant to be a joke but I accidentally hit the add comment button. Haha

PS360WII4665d ago

heh no worries. VC is pretty slick and I'm looking forward to what WiiWare will show us.

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ElfShotTheFood4665d ago

If you want a Nintendo game to sell, make sure it has one of the following words in the title:

- Mario
- Zelda
- Metroid

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