THQ stays quiet on Frontlines PS3 canned rumour

Via Videogamer:

"THQ has refused to comment on Internet rumours suggesting the PS3 version of upcoming near-future FPS Frontlines: Fuel of War has been cancelled.

Over the weekend rumours that the PS3 version of the game had been canned emerged after forum posters at developer Kaos Studios revealed that some US retailers had removed the PS3 from its online listings.

In response Kaos Studio employees have posted in the forum, calling for patience and promising more info soon, saying: "Again, please do not overreact to rumours or, like with release dates, take what retailers say as truth. The timing of this was unfortunate as it was the weekend but there will be actual info shortly."

When contacted by today for clarification, publisher THQ served us with the standard "THQ does not comment on rumour or speculation".

While a lack of a firm and swift denial will do nothing to allay PS3-owners fears that the game, which is still on for a February 29 release on Xbox 360 and PC, has been canned on their system, it may simply be the case that the PS3 version of the game, which has never been given an official release date, needs some added polish to bring it up to scratch."

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Relcom4663d ago

Seems like its gonna be delayed more than anything else....

liquidsnake4663d ago

Its going to be cancelled/delayed for sure.

werdb4663d ago

gamestop quit taking reserves on it all together.

Que8134663d ago

thats because of an email saying the title was canceled by the vendor

Lord Cheese4663d ago

well the demo i played (admittedly on the 360) was like a bad cod4 clone. So ps3 owners wont be missing much anyway.

solidt124663d ago

I thought the demo was ok. I like the weapons and scopes. I think they just might be pushing the PS3 version back a little, but I am being Optimistic.

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The story is too old to be commented.