Hands-On with Metal Gear Solid 4 trial version

Via Gaming Age:

"At CES 2008, much to my surprise and delight, I had the opportunity to play the MGS4 Trial. I'm a huge Metal Gear fan so being able to play the game before it's Q2 launch was incredibly satisfying (if only to reassure me that the game is still on track to live up to the high standards of the franchise.) Because the game is likely to remain low-key until launch, I decided to record my entire play-through and post it for the Metal Gear fanatics out there who are scouring the net for even just a morsel of new MGS4 footage. The good news is that MGS4 has all the production value you've come to expect from a Metal Gear game and even in the tiny taste that the trial provides, it's clear that it will put Snake into some pretty unfamiliar, but nonetheless incredible, settings and situations."

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ThaGeNeCySt4665d ago

Nice video... Snake put on some muscle =}

the graphics are SUPERB, I just wish they took the Uncharted route when it comes to how Snake runs and walks... it still resembles MGS2 & 3

other than that... KILLER APP!

P4KY B4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

There is no way that MGS4 could be done on a 360.

ThaGeNeCySt4665d ago

in that video itself, I didn't see anything that "couldn't" be done on the 360

CeruleanSky4665d ago

2001: "I didn't see anything in that PS2 video that the Dreamcast couldn't handle"

2008: "I didn't see anything in that PS3 video that the Xbox 360 couldn't handle"

kevoncox4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Yes because games that are only on Ps3 are some how 10X better than anything on the market. I love how all the games that are multi plat are better on 360.

Look how the fanboy verbage has changed. It used to be:

1) The Ps3 will blow the 360 out the water
then it became
2) The Ps3 luanch games look better than the 360's
then it became
3) You are compring 1st gen vs. 2nd gen
then it became
4) Give it a year and the true power of the ps3 will be shown
then it became
5) It's the lazy devp fault
then it became
6) Games have to be designed for ps3 first and then ported to 360
then it became
7)This exclusive game is exclusive because it can't be done on 360....

He kid what ever makes you sleep at night!
You and the guy above should make love and have a super fanboy baby. One whose first words are Sony and Xbot.

Lol at the disagrees. Come on fanboys, atleast reply. You know it's true. You know my words huant you. The 2 games that were supposed to make the 360 look bad ( Burnout Paradise, DMC4 and VF5) are all looking better on the 360 even though they were designed for the ps3 as the default system. Developers have realized that you should code for the weaker system( most bottlenecked) and port up to the 360. Sad but true.


I understand your POV but it part of it doesn't make any sense.
Why would building from the 360 and porting to the ps3 ruin a game but building from the ps3 and porting to the 360 leave it unblemished or in better standing?

You can't have it both ways. Either porting this gen is a complete failure or it isn't. This build of the 360 should be hampered by a game designed for the ps3. However, it handles it without a problem then the ps3 is indeed the most powerful underpowered machine I have ever seen.

ironically, I just sold my 360 for 1


It was a joke.

Azures4665d ago

If you need to use the phrase "my words haunt you" on N4G you are an incredible loser. You Kevin are just as bad as any ps3 fanboy.

rhood0224665d ago


I'm not one of the ones who disagreed with you, but...

Are you serious? While I'll give you that VF5 looks better (longer dev. time, like how Oblivion is better on PS), the other two games are identical in almost every respect. If you believe otherwise, then that's sad.

As far as the porting issue,it's not about porting on a "weaker" system and "upgrading," its about utilizing the hardware that both machines have to offer in the best possible way. When a game is built separately for both systems, a la COD4, the results are amazing. Or you can have the 360 as the lead platform and have a shoddy and broken port, a la any EA game. By building it on the PS3 then porting, its ensuring that both systems get an equally good game, as most multi-plats now show.

The whole sony fanboy rant about lazy developers is apt. And to clarify, the only time fanboys have used that excuse is to describe either, EA sports titles, EA multiplats, and EA developed games (PS3 port of Orange Box), see a pattern?

Now, you seem intelligent, however your comments betray that.

Shankle4665d ago

My god how many times do I have to say this? The PS3 version of the orange box is absolutely fine. The framerate issues must only have been present in early builds of the game because now there are no problems. Reviews of the final game indicated this as well.

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mighty_douche4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Give it a month and it'll be the douche's hands on!!

EDIT: disagree's?? lol, some sour xbox fans in here huh?

pornflakes4665d ago

Ok MGS4 looks nice.. but uncharted looks much better than this.

And plz stop saying the 360 couldnt handel these graphics. The main characters of GoW use more polygons than Solid Snake.

kevoncox4665d ago

I don't think so. The UR 3 engine is good but this is better. However, i don't think people honestly belive this can't be done on 360. I don't understand people, on 1 hand they say things are closer this gen and then on the other hand they come out and say something stupid like " it can't be done on X system ".

I think MGS would be 2 disc on 360. Remember CGI videos are what eats disc space but MGS uses in game cinemas! Just enjoy the game on your systema nd don't use it to bash another system

kevoncox4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )


You just contridicted yourself. How do you know the 360 can't handle these graphics, espicially since it's proven to be the texture king this gen? You just said it's not about the visuals but then you say they didn't want to gimp down the visuals.

Sony fans, talk out of their arses.


You've never played GOW. The areas are not cramped. FOr instance the level where you get to the underground rig, the Draw distance is for about a mile and this is an underground level. Please STFU and play the game. The vasiline type effect is called motion blur. It's suppose to hide objects in the distance as our eyes cannot see far away objects sharply. Sorry the ps3 cannot handle this effect so you don't know it adds realism to the game.

After all of the cloth physics....they are still using last gen animations( except during in -game cinemas lol). So whats your point?
You argument fails and you should kill youself!


Learn how to reply and come talk to me....

liquidsnake4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Its not that much about the graphics, but the animation and the physics. Cell is an excellent tool to handle these kinds of things. But xbox can probably handle it too. But the main reason Konami didn't want to make this multi is because of gimped down audio.

The visuals was typed wrongly...but the audio has to be compressed in order to fit. Kojima could put it on 2 discs, but don't ask me why he doesn't.

CeruleanSky4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

"The main characters of GoW use more polygons than Solid Snake."


Let's just revisit Gears of War to refresh people memories. This was the game that:

* Had absurdly tiny areas - tiny rooms, tiny corridors to limit the amount of geometry to a level the wimpy 360 graphics hardware could handle

* Had absurdly short exterior draw distances with anything beyond 50 feet or so blurred out with some sort of vaseline type filter

* Instead of pushing actual geometry like real next gen games overly relied on massive amounts of normal maps for everything in the game

* The Doom 3 era heavily normal mapped engine had to have the unified lighting model ripped out because the 360 couldn't handle it like PCs could three years before the 360 came out

* Had character models that were conveniently covered almost entirely in rigid geometry that didn't have to be animated or skinned

* And even with all of those shortcuts and compromises still couldn't implement a decent level of AA

And if that wasn't pathetic enough already, Epic had to put out the now infamous Gears of War bullshots everyone now laughs at that were supposedly 5000x5000 renders with all the normal map details and textures/materials ramped up to try to make the game look good.

Yeah, all hail 'teh mighty Xbox 360!' LOL!

Just focusing on the Snake model itself in MGS4:

* No last gen looking normal maps covering the model in silly fake bumpy/shiny material

* The entire Snake model is skinned and flexible like a real human

* Dynamic hair and facial hair that is simulated on the Cell chip

* Fully simulated dynamic cloth that reacts like and is also done on the Cell chip

* Dirt/water/tear simulation on the face

* Modeling of realistic muscle movements that deform the skin/cloth

So, no Snake isn't a boxy rigid completely covered in last gen looking normal maps character like Gears or War.

Thank god. MGS deserves nothing less than a real next gen engine.

Kutagari and Kojima. A match made in gamer heaven.

Genki4665d ago

Folks like you are some of the most insecure around. You've got to tell yourself things like "It can't be done on X because of Y and Z" CONSTANTLY so you can feel secure or good about your stance.

Something tells me that there's a modicum of doubt behind all of the crap you spew.

Get over it already and just play good games. Whether or not it can be done on another system is irrelevant.

Let me ask you this, is that what you constantly think about when you play certain games? Are you going to be sneaking around MGS4 with a hard-on because you can't get over the illusion that it "can't be done anywhere else"?

I pity you. You can't enjoy a game without some sort of contrivance like that, it's sad. Who cares what can and can't be done. If you HAVE to be a fanboy, then just play what you like and be done with it. Don't disillusion yourself and try to force that garbage down other people's throats because you don't fully believe it yourself.

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