Eurogamer's PSN Roundup

Via Eurogamer:

Crash Team Racing

"...this is one of the finest PlayStation games ever made, available for an insanely reasonable price. Go get it."
Score: 9/10

Syphon Filter

"I won't pretend that Syphon Filter will change your world. It's clearly one of the lesser action franchises around, but is no less entertaining for its B-list status."
Score: 8/10

Syphon Filter 3

"Playing both Syphon Filter games back to back, I can't help thinking that maybe if the series had done more to capitalise on its potential rather than rehashing the same material over and over, the series might not have been so eclipsed by its stealthier peers. That's not to say that part 3 is a bad game, it's just not as good as it should have been."
Score: 7/10

Everybody's Golf 2

"If you've been tempted to buy the latest full price version, download this first and then spend the difference on cakes. That's my advice."
Score: 8/10

Cool Boarders

"Unlike many of its peers, Cool Boarders is starting to show its ragged edges in 2008 but is still more than worth the asking price. It's better than the supposedly "next-gen" Feel Ski, that's for sure."
Score: 7/10

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