The Crossing - 13 New Screens

The Crossing is an FPS game set in two different Paris timelines. It also allows for other players to take control of enemies in the single-player storyline, making for more interesting challenges. Following last week's trailer, here are some screens..

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TrevorPhillips4666d ago

lol funny u added 13 new screens of this game and i added a new trailer of this game =]

MrSwede4666d ago

Yeah that was pretty cool :)

Nicosia4666d ago

has the assasins creed vibe going one with the story. Good idea hope it works out.

Boldy4666d ago

Wait, I thought the Xbox 360's graphical power was maxed?

Rooted_Dust4666d ago

This is a Source engine game, which is good, but it's no monster to run.