Gamasutra: An Uncertain Future For The Core Gamer?

In a vitally Gamasutra important opinion piece, game design veteran and Areae founder Raph Koster looks beyond the buoyant 2007 NPD results to ask - how does market expansion affect the hardcore gamer, and will they like it?

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Eretik4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Remember this term, dude. It is only market segmentation.

P.S. And remember, that so-called "hardcore gamers" are mostly usual nerds. No more, no less. Industry does not care about nerd species, but will be happy to take money from this species.

jessupj4663d ago

I disagree, I think a lot of teams cater for us hardcore gamers. It's us that make the industry able to survive. We buy more games then anyone because we're passionate about our hobby. I am seeing more annoying, simple, stupid easy casual games, but as long as those master pieces like GTA, Gears, Bioshock, FF, MGS etc still get made I'll be happy. And if casual gamers start becoming core gamers I'll be even more happy.

I do see a trend of more and more casual games being made. (Dev teams have seen how popular the wii isand probably want a piece of the action) But I hope this trend doesn't increase to an unheathy level.

I'd just like to see both core and casual gamers happy and development teams making quality games for all :)

wiizy4663d ago

why wouldnt they.. video game is about entertainment. and nintendo is what its all about . look at the ds. the best games yet it has games for all ages