Killzone 2 Being Rushed Is Pure Speculation

Silence leaves much doubt and speculation in the minds of many. Shane Bettenhausen of 1UP took it upon himself to unleash one hell of a rumor on the latest episode of the 1UP Yours Podcast. He mentions that he heard, "Killzone 2 will come out in 2008 no matter what the quality". Which implies that the game will be forced into our hands whether it's ready or not. community forum leader, [Guerrilla]-E0N had something to say about that.
"Speculation on a rumor based on gossip?
We have consistently refused to advance a release date, so any discussion of a date is in the realms of pure speculation, don't you think?"

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gamesR4fun4664d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

man their podcast suck rock just like the rest of the site why anyone cares what they say is beyond me.

blacsheep4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

because insomniac(has a company ever had a more fitting name?),have given sony a trump card and also given guerilla games more time on their ultra ambitious k2.

resistance 2

which for many has leapfrogged k2 into most wanted,and knowing how amazingly talented insomniac are sony have a huge hit on their hands which will more than tide us over until guerilla are finished to a point that their more than proud of k2

and i agree 1up sucks for a gaming site to spread unfounded rumours is beyond me 1up are the biggest fanboys of this generation

Lord Cheese4664d ago

i think i must be in a minority here, but i really didnt rate RFOM at all. I've not finished it yet, but i'm more inclined to re-play games i've already finished than bother completing it.

It just played (for me at least) like an average cod2 clone with wierd alien weapons. Graphics were ok (not groundbreaking, but it was early in the ps3's life so thats to be expected) and the story (what i've seen of it at least) was clever but not earthshattering.

I'm definately more interested in kz2 than RFOM2, but i'm keeping an open mind on it - although i'm losing interest in fps' now, i'd rather play a game of gears :OP

Rocko4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Don't cry because something negative was said about a PS3 game.

EDIT: Holy sh*t, do I have someone stalking me via N4G? I swear, everytime I comment theres a disagree literally 2 seconds later.

CeruleanSky4664d ago

"It just played (for me at least) like an average cod2 clone with wierd alien weapons. Graphics were ok (not groundbreaking, but it was early in the ps3's life so thats to be expected) and the story (what i've seen of it at least) was clever but not earthshattering.

I'm definately more interested in kz2 than RFOM2, but i'm keeping an open mind on it - although i'm losing interest in fps' now, i'd rather play a game of gears :OP"

That sound you hear is gamers laughing their asses off at the pathetic little fanboy...

Lord Cheese4664d ago

I take offence at that comment. I was making a point about my own opinion. I wasnt trying to convince anyone that my opinion was right, i wasnt ranting without basis, and i certainly wasnt slagging anything off - its personal opinion, nothing more. Its the mark of a fanboy when you cant accept that someone in the world doesnt idolise the a game on your precious console, and that someones opinion is different to yours.

So i prefer gears of war to resistance. I'm sure plenty of ps3 owners do, as i am sure that plenty prefer resistance to gears (i'll freely admit the latter is more than likely the majority). If to say so is something you feel indicates fanboyism, then you are seriously deluded.

I dont want to be pigeon holed with people like you. Quite frankly most of your comments are just drivel. Its just a shame you dont realise it or maybe you'd not bother commenting in the first place and save us all the trouble.

InMyOpinion4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

This is not the place to be levelheaded. I thought your critizism was justified, and as you said it's just your opinion. If you bashed Halo 3 you would probably get lots of 'agrees', but critizising a PS3 game is clearly not accepted(in any way).

It's very absurd since Halo 3 has an 94/100 average(94% at gamerankings) based on 78 reviews(all biased I guess) on Metacritic and RFOM has 86/100 average(86.6% at gamerankings) based on 69 reviews(biased too of course). Still, there's an outcry among fanboys everytime you state that you think Halo 3 is a great game.

I have played both games and I agree with the 147 reviews that Halo 3 is more fun, but at the same time I can accept that some prefer RFOM instead.

On topic - KZ2 is the last game I can come to think of that will be rushed. What were 1up thinking?

Lifendz4663d ago

to spend so much on a game, to practically employ an entire town of devs to focus on it, to possibly make this a flagship title, to then turn around and rush it out before it's ready? C'mon Shane, that's just plain stupid. And yeah, Sony has made mistakes but not even they are capable of something this stupid.

InYourMom4663d ago

You are spot on with your analysis of RFOM. It was an average shooter at best. All the disagrees are just people in denial.

RFOM 2 better bring it big time when it comes to graphics and gameplay if they want to compete in the FPS genre.

TheXgamerLive4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

KZ2, MGS4, these titles have been in the works since 2004. 4 years now, hell these titles should look like gold when they come out based on production times.

Rushed? No, they have had plenty of time, so if the game/s look bad in any way then it's just due to the hardware/inherent flaws of the system and not rushed at all.

I think KZ2 will be a good game, but the AI hasn't been good, hopefully that's fixed, same with MGS4 actually.

Given 4 plus years in production, maybe 5 years by the time they come out, there shouldn't be anything wrong with either of these titles I mean how long is sony and co. going to take to make a playable game for the ps3?

We'll see.

JsonHenry4663d ago

I like how the guy never really answered the question with a yes or no.

But at the same time I don't see how a game can be "rushed" when work on it started well over 2 1/2 years ago...

rogimusprime4663d ago

Half of this site is least

I haven't gone one day without seeing an article posted with a question mark at the end.

games4fun4663d ago

there are now 29 disagrees i think its not that your being stalked its that what you post shows your an ignoramus

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INehalemEXI4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

[email protected] 1up , KZ2 looks masterfull everytime i see it. Thats not what I would call a rushed game.

The fact you don't get alot of updates on the game tells me the opposite. That its a kin in quality standards to FF13 or MGS4 its h4wt sh1t. Not to be taken lightly.

neogeo4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

"i think i must be in a minority here, but i really didnt rate RFOM at all. I've not finished it yet"

I disagreed and took a bubble away from you, not because of what you
said, but because you never finished RFOM but still rated it! I will be honest. I have only played Halo3 for about 15 minuets, and I hated it.

I did not come on this site and flame the game because I did not play all the way through so.. In fact I have NO right to judge Halo3 into I have played all the way to the end.

As for RFOM the very last parts of the game are what make it a truly AAA game. Thats the way insomniac makes games. They start of slow and build you up to near the end so you walk away happy. Unlike some games where they blow there wad on level 1 and they rest of the game is bunk.

(I respect anyone that does not like a game that I may love, but I have no respect for someone that plays a game for 5 minuets and then rates it like 1up does. If your not willing to play all the way through the game then you automatically waive you rights to judge it.)

CeruleanSky4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

No on but Xbox fanboys give a damn about 1Up anymore. The site's only purpose anymore is:

1) Hype anything Halo related 24/7/365
2) Hand out 9 or 10/10 scores to 360 games
3) Trash PS3 and Wii games
4) Get Xbox fanboys working at 1Up hired away to Microsoft or one of its first party developers by doing 1-3

The Xbots at 1Up are probably already brainstorming on how they are going to trash Killzone 2 when it comes out this year.

Hopefully Sony gets a clue and doesn't foolishly send off a copy of KZ2 so some pathetic Xbox at 1Up can write the inevitable "didn't live up to teh hype" "not as good as teh Halo" "graphics aren't as good as Gears of War" garbage everyone has come to expect from them.

radzy4664d ago

i love the 1up podcast . the best podcast for videogames.
luke smith loves the xbox 360 and he used to argue with shane who loves the ps3. every body argues with shane over the ps3 because of his blind faith in the ps3.
now for this statement to come from shane , then there is something to it. he also said that resistence 2 is gonna be better than killzone 2.
i cant see killzone 2 being anywhere near as good as call of duty 4.
call of duty 4 has set the standard for a shooter.

jwatt4663d ago

Yea I actually watched the whole podcast all shane said on his predictions was that Kilzone 2 will undewelm and Resistance 2 will overwelm.

InYourMom4663d ago


It's all a big conspiracy against your poor PS3. You probably spend more of your time making up BS about Xbots then you do playing your PS3.

smokeandapancake4663d ago

1up Yours is an audio podcast. And the quote is correct.

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crunchie1014664d ago

what on earth are you guys listening to, 'cause in the 1up podcast i listen there's nothing but pure, unbiased opinion. Perhaps if you'd actually listened to the podcast you would have heard them having a go at quite a few 360 games, including Ninja Gaiden II, a 360 exclusive.

CeruleanSky4664d ago

"there's nothing but pure, unbiased opinion."


1UP, the site that actually was so pathetically desperate to hype Halo 3 and trash Killzone 2 they actually invented an 'Best AI Award' out of the blue and shockingly! gave the top prize to Halo 3 and Killzone 2 was shockingly! put at the bottom of the list even though:

1) Killzone 2 was still a year away from shipping

2) The only demos of Killzone 2 were nothing more than graphics showcases to demonstrate that they had mad the same quality of the first Killzone 2 trailer

3) People have made videos and articles mocking Halo 3's AI as some of the worst of any FPS in 2007

What a bunch of pathetic losers.

Lord Cheese4664d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

What a dumbass fanboy you are. "People have made videos mocking halo 3's AI" - oh my god. Not VIDEOS! It must be true if people have made youtube videos.

Get a life mate. Whats the point in bashing other games? Are you completely incapable of judging a game on its own merits rather than trying to big it up by comparing it to games on another console and deliberately trying to discredit them?

Have you noticed how so many sony fankids spend half their lives suggesting websites are biased against their favorite george foreman grill? (i have a ps3, and love it, but i'm not foolish enough to think that thing aint DAMN ugly) Fact is, if you dont agree or rate the opinion of a website, dont damn well read it any more. Dont spray fanboy verbal diarrohea all over n4g trying to make our that ps3 owners are some sort of persecuted minority.

Edit: blacsheepxx - fair play about the look of the ps3. I can see how people would like it, but its just not for me really. I've got a 360 elite, and i think simply because its got more flat lines to its styling, looks better on my av rack than the ps3 does, but as you say, that depends on your preference. Do prefer the gloss finish on the ps3 though - reckon if i had it vertical it would look somewhat better, but i've got it in bread-bin mode at the mo and my a/v setup doesnt have space for it any other way! I'm not sure why you had to mention the RROD in that post though - somewhat irrellevant to the point in hand.

lesferdinand4664d ago

"there's nothing but pure, unbiased opinion."

You might be right in a sense. I don’t expect there to be some kind of conspiracy behind the ‘bias’ that you see in a lot (all?) of the ‘professional’ gaming press. However, for anyone reading gaming magazines or websites, it’s quite clear what the favorite console of the gaming media is and it isn’t the one consumers like best. The original xbox was a hardcore gamer’s wet dream with the inclusion of a dedicated online multiplayer service and the 360 built upon it. It was so tailored to their needs, you can’t really blame those journalists for loving MS and the xbox.

However, as time moves on, the gaming press and the people that play games grow apart faster and faster. Just look at critical reception of Wii and its games vs. 360 and its games and compare them with what the people that actually buy stuff (aka consumers) think.

There’s definitely bias at 1up but there’s no such thing as an unbiased opinion.

blacsheep4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

I agree with your comments about having your own preference,of corse thats your right and gamers should be allowed to voice their opinion without getting blasted!though i do believe resistance 2 is going to be a step up radicaly from the 1st game which i enjoyed considering it was a launch game was even more impressive.

what i dont agree with though is that the ps3 is ugly,my opinion of corse is that the ps3 doesnt look out of place next to a new hd-tv,its a sexy piece of future proof kit,and it looks expensive, 360 on the other hand in my opinion looks seriously dated,rrod, and when turned on sounds like take off from heathrow when it gets going

NOTE TO FANBOYS: im talking about the hardware not the software content if i was id say 360 has done a great job in AAA games for 2007 and any gamer should credit the 360 with that no matter what platform you support,as i hope the ps3 gets credit later on this year with its software content

titntin4663d ago

@crunchie - totally agree with you mate.
All I hear on a 1up podcast is a bunch of opinionated gamers, exactly what you'd expect. If there's a particular bias, its hard to see where it lies. I often strongly disagree with their views on a title, but you have to expect that!

'Friad I can't agree with you on RFOM - I thought it was brilliant from start to finish and plays a great Multiplayer besides. I was so dissapointed when I finished Halo 3, I went back to RFOM to remind me that campaigns can be fun...
As for the machine's relaitive aesthetics, again I have to differ from you - in my high tech set up, its the 360 that looks out of place and the PS3 looks fine! But if I based an ownership decision on the looks of a various machine, I would never have bought many that I did, and I've loved them all, even if they were 'an ugly duckling'! :)

gamesR4fun4663d ago

Cant stand their podcast as for unbiased lol you need to wake up all these big 'review' companies are biased they need to be to make money and get the exclusives. What gets me about 1up is their total lack of intelligent mature balanced reviewers. At least on their podcasts. All they can do is make crap up to try and generate interest. If I wanted to hear nothing but pure bs Id turn on cspan at least some of those guys sound like they know what their saying.

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Rattles4664d ago

weather or not it has good gameplay i dont care ps3 power baby.

Snukadaman4664d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

what a blind fanboy.... @tintin..didnt we talk in emails dummy..your a 43 year old douchebag who thinks people who dont like the ps3 are blind fanboys..this kid states that gameplay dont being a developer i guess you like his comment of not caring that a game doesnt have gameplay...why dont you get off your high horse and just develop that game so i can buy it and play it.

Lord Cheese4664d ago

that is the most ignorant fanboy comment i have ever heard. People like you shouldnt even be allowed consoles - you give gamers a bad name.

titntin4663d ago


'what a blind fanboy.... '

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!