onAXIS: PLAYSTATION 3 2008 Preview

onAXIS: "These yearly previews seem to be all the rage, so it looks like onAXIS is going to have to bust out it's games list and throw them at you. You really want to know what great PLAYSTATION 3 titles we are getting this year, well, this is the place to find out. This list will be updated upon release of every new title this year."

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captainpwn4661d ago

MS can take their broken consoles, broken(and pricy) online service, and their sh1tty Fable Boo, and try in 2009. Cause 2008 is ours!


zambrota4661d ago

Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 I mean it is impossible to counter both those games.

dont forget that Haze will be on ps3 this year too.

expect resistance 2 and killzone 2 to break some records in 2008 .

i expect each of those games to sell atleast 2 million in europe at launch. in us too those games would be huge million sellers.

BigBaehr4661d ago

Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 will be too much for MS to handle, both are guranteed hits.

Kleptic4661d ago

I wouldn't say that exactly...MS and Epic are most likely getting ready to announce and show Gears 2 soon...and if it comes out this year, MS won't be in nearly as much trouble as some make it out to be...

all I know is that the PS3 does have an absolutely awesome lineup this year...the 360 doesn't really have one exclusive that I would buy one for though for 2008...Gears 2 is the only title that I would have my attention so far, every single other game announced so far has a counterpart on the PS3 that looks as good or better...and I am way more excited for KZ2 and Resistance 2 than Gears 2...all personal opinion obviously...

with that said though...i don't think the 360 is in nearly the trouble that everyone is making it out to be this year...the 360 has its hooks in the US quite deep...the PS3 is gaining considerable momentum everywhere...but it is going to be quite a long haul before it starts to consistantly outsell the 360 in America...and until that happens...the 360 isn't in trouble...

Omegasyde4661d ago

I agree kleptic, MS is no trouble. In fact I see Nintendo being the ones caught with their pants down.

1.. Smash brothers...2...Mario Cart...3 Pokemon... 4...Pokemon...5...Mario tennis


Suki034660d ago

hey! I'm actually looking very forward to smash brothers and mario kart. My Wii is starting to collect dust seriously. With that aside, this is one beautiful list. Last year there was only a few good titles but this year is yummmmm. I really hope there won't be delays anymore. Additionally, still TBA on White Knight Chronicles... But at least next month I can play Devil may Cry 4 and Dynasty warriors 6. ^^

DrPirate4661d ago

Wow, all of their review ranges are so wrong it makes me sad.

Greysturm4661d ago

Between multiplatform and exclusves this could be the best year for any console in history in regards of high profile games lets jst hope all of them live to their expectations.

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The story is too old to be commented.