Time Extend: Stubbs The Zombie

This rebel's cause: to revive a moribund genre by bringing a dead man back to life. But what did Wideload Games' zom-com actually achieve?

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MK_Red4661d ago

Stubbz was an amazing game. Fun, hilarious, gory, innovative and awesome. Hope they make a next-gen sequel one day.

ElfShotTheFood4661d ago

This game was fun for a while, but got kind of monotonous partway through.

Kudos on the musical choices though.

THX71684661d ago

Looks interesting though. We need more zombie games this gen. Dead Rising was great, Resident Evil 5 looks promising, as well as Left 4 Dead. We need more though.

Fade_Walker4661d ago

Stubbs was an amazing game, i wish i still had it...but i sold it like a noob :(