Crysis Shark Attack (Video)


"Here sharky sharky…What better way to stop players from going out of bounds and meeting game walls than getting them eaten by a shark. Crysis takes an engaging game world a step further with impressive animation and A.I."

Amnesiac5734d ago

I hope the rumor is true and this game is coming to the ps3

poos35734d ago

THIS GAME WILL NEVER COME TO THE PS3 o chance i cant belive the power of sonytools on the net they actually fabricated games coming to the ps3 their imagination is amazing i give them that crysis coming to the ps3 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH GOOD JOKE

solsub5734d ago

Try some punctuation next time so that, you know, your sentences could be more legible.

Anyway, the possibility of it being ported to the PS3 does exist but I wouldn't hold my breath.

sloth4urluv5734d ago

I wouldnt say never. There is a possibility, but it will not be possible to have the same LOD on the PS3, nothing against the console, but it lacks the RAM to hold everything.

Settings would be more like
Textures: medium
Geometry: high
shaders: medium
shaddows: medium
AA: none

that is just speculation
medium settings are still by no means bad

mikeslemonade5733d ago

Overated, the graphics are starting to become meh. Nothing we do not see in COD4 graphics

bohemian 235733d ago

Radiohead kicks ass first off but They could port it look at half life2. It was ported to the xbox. It wasn't a great port but it can be done.

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solar5734d ago

that game looks so incredible...

heyheyhey5734d ago

cool i cant wait to blast its face off in the ps3 version

Nostradavis5734d ago

I hope this game does come to the PS3 and they find a better way to do mods....if so look out 360, your run is done.

techie5734d ago (Edited 5734d ago )

It'll be on both on both the 360 and PS3. The game world won't be so open though. But since it's a linear game, I expect the game world to become linear also for the console versions.

*Edited for sense.

wageslave5734d ago (Edited 5734d ago )

This forum doenst realize that Crysis The Game was written to flesh out the CryEngine. The CryEngine is the real product, the engine.

Like Epic and the Unreal Engine, sold to Ubisoft in 2006, they are hoping to license the engine.

I wouldnt be suprised if it is ported to both consoles. If Crysis The Game comes, I'd be more surprised.

techie5734d ago

It's been openly said that the engine is being ported to consoles.