LucasArts veterans Mike Levine & Larry Ahern interview

Adventure Gamers
By Marek Bronstring · Published January 17, 2008

At LucasArts they worked on games ranging from the original Sam & Max all the way to The Curse of Monkey Island. Now Mike Levine and Larry Ahern run their own company, Crackpot Entertainment, and they're putting the final touches on their debut title Insecticide, a film noir-inspired action-adventure set in a world populated by bugs.

Adventure Gamers had a chance to ask Levine and Ahern some questions about their new project as well as their past work. They discuss the hybrid nature of Insecticide's gameplay, the role of humor in many successful adventure games, what went wrong with the ending in The Curse of Monkey Island, and much more. Also, find out which other LucasArts (and Sierra!) veterans worked on Insecticide...

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