Endless Ocean 'experience' video

The official Wii website hosts a two-minute gameplay video that demonstrates mother and son together exploring underwater and learning about sea creatures in Endless Ocean.

Posted: 1.14.2008

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wiizy4666d ago

this game looks nice.. have to look into it

KidMakeshift4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Mother: Honey, why don't you stab the whale because this is boring the f*ck out of mommy

There should also be an aftermath video that accompanies this one. The torment from playing this game turned the boy into a cracked out tranny giving bj's behind various fast-food establishments

Why can't they make games like "Drinking Mama: Make Me Feel Good"

MadMax4665d ago

lol, pretty funny and so wrong at the same time.

TruthbeTold4666d ago

Not every game has to involve killing and violence. Calling this a video game is a bit of a stretch though. That being said, it's definitely a beautiful work of art, and I respect it. It's almost like hands on "Planet Earth".

InnuendoQ4666d ago

Seems almost as interesting as a screen saver!

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