Soul Calibur IV First Look Preview ( writes:
"From the information released so far, Soul Calibur IV looks to give the series its most drastic overhaul since the weapon condition/breakage system was removed in the leap from Blade to Calibur. Among the most notable of such changes is the decision to enlarge arenas, meaning that ring outs are likely to be a far less common way of picking up a cheap win. After some of the shockingly tiny stages from III and the proliferation of soft ring out moves (even neutral throws with some characters, such as Raphael, will do the trick), this can only be seen as good news. It has also been reported that some stages will have destructible objects littered about them, possibly leading to some incorporating breakable boundaries as seen in VF4 and indeed SCIII to further banish the ring out to the realms of the uncommon. "

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MK_Red4666d ago

Street Fighter 4, Soul Calibur 4 and Tekken 6... and MK8 and KI3 aren't even official. 2008 and beyond will be the ultimate return for the fighting genre with the bests getting back to the ring.

Joey Gladstone4666d ago

or Killer Instinct ...........
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

liquidsnake4666d ago

I would love a new Killer Instinct as well, and a remake of Street Fighter 2, I mean just some improved visuals, no fancy remake.

The Wood4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

ill grab the streetfighter, smashbrothers if im not broke or burnt out

mk red, you should really give up on mortal combat and killer instincts. no offence

edit: lol, game on

MK_Red4666d ago

No offense taken but MK is my all time fave along with Fallout so I'll never give up on them and I'll defend them to death!

DFresh4666d ago

The PS3 version will totally sale way more than the 360 version no doubt.
1080P + SIX AXIS + Bonuses + Extra content = Sony Rules!
Speaking of which I've seen this game advertised way more on the PS3 than the 360 which you know what that means?
The PS3 Version is going to be the best version.
Think about what they added to the game so far as a bonus.
PS3= Vader
360= Yoda
I'm totally expecting this game to sale 4 million copies 3 of which will be on the PS3 and the other 360.

R M Spender4666d ago

so when are you gonna back up any of this kaka? are you gonna buy 3million copies personally or are you saying every ps3 owner will buy this? both aint gonna happen chump.