X-Play Video Review: Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Review by Rob Manuel on January 18, 2008

"Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom fulfills its obligations but only barely when it comes to visceral carnage. Though you're given a choice of five characters from the beginning, most of them feel the same and leave very little room to make them your own. Random boards allow for variety, but leaves out those spectacular set pieces that makes you glad you brought a couple of friends with you. Multiplayer action adds as a bit more life to this bare bones game. Coming from a series that understands character progression and massive battles so well, Circle of Doom seems more like a quick way to put out a title instead of a fully developed idea."

+ Great multiplayer component
+ Good music
+ Lots of monsters to hack and slash

- Shallow combat and story
- Uninspiring claustrophobic levels
- Rudimentary inventory system
- Frame rate issues

Score: 2 out of 5 stars

You can read the full review (in text) at G4 TV.

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