Rumor: Factor 5 Developing New Kid Icarus Game for Wii

Kombo Reports: "Kombo has learned from a credible source that said Wii game is in fact a new installment in Nintendo's cherished Kid Icarus franchise. According to sources, Factor 5's Kid Icarus title is being developed ground-up for Wii. It will not use one of the developer's previous GameCube graphics engines."

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MattyF4662d ago

Please be true. Sure Lair wasn't too hot, but I think Factor 5 could make Kid Icarus into a solid Wii title.

TheExecutive4661d ago

Lol now Factor 5 can spread their terrible story telling on multiple consoles! Lair was the worst kind of filth.

LeonSKennedy4Life4662d ago

You guys are going to remake LAIR! You are going to have James Newton Howard direct the score, Itsuno Hideki direct the dialogue/cutscenes, Team Ico to do the gameplay, and Incognito do the controls!!!


propheta4661d ago

Like Team Ico or James Newton Howard have nothing better to do, my friend!

I think LAIR is underrated: most people never played it and still they do all sorts of negative remarks about it, based on the general opinion of the game largely provided by the North-American critics. Famitsu is so well respected; they gave him something around an 8... why not take their word for it?

At any rate, there is no reason why we should think that they're not up to the task. After all they did work with Gamecube on more than one occasion, with the Star Wars series. How hard can it be for them to create a game for such a similar hardware piece? Do I have to remind you that their games are possibly the last great modern shooters? There aren't many games in the same level as Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader, plus this one also had praise from the North-American critic and good public response, allowing the team to create a second episode (third, in fact) for the Cube.

They said their next project would be totally different and completely New Gen the other day. I’m more comfortable with something new and creative from a studio which has proven its worth, than to see Kid Icarus remade as a character for a goofy, no-good otaku combat game which is totally overrated.

R M Spender4661d ago

a nice 2d/3d sid scroller would be nice, and it should be as hard as the original!

pwnsause4661d ago

i think factor 5 can get the job done. Just because they screwed up with Lair doesnt mean that they are going to screw up another game! I mean, look at Guerilla Games and Killzone, they screwed up, but look at killzone 2, I believe the hype! Give Devs another Chance God Damn it! You guys are [email protected]@holes. give devs a chance! If you guys were developing a game, you would be in their shoes. you cant make your first game the best game. bunch of dumb people out there these days...

ChickeyCantor4661d ago

Factor 5 is good @ flying based games, but whatever it will be dont screw it up >_<

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