Custom Companion Cube Faceplate

Kotaku reports: "If you're still Companion Cube crazy and the plush one or the papercraft one aren't enough to quench your thirst for all things cube, this faceplate might be the perfect thing for you. Hand painted with the ubiquitous cube and various phrases and such from the game, this custom 360 faceplate is now up for auction on UK eBay for £10.00. There is currently only one bidder with six more days left on the auction and according to the site, they will ship worldwide."

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mccomber4666d ago

I understand they were trying to recreate the graffiti from the game, but this just looks like crap to me.

Bill Gates4666d ago

Hey look it's the two most popular paper weights for 2008, the 360, and its sidekick add-on together in one picture......AAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Clinton5144666d ago

I wouldn't spend a dollar on that.

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