TGS 2006 huge lines for 360 RPGs

Whether or not these games actually make a difference for Microsoft remains to be seen, but if the huge interest in Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon by TGS show goers is any indication, 360 may just have a chance in Japan

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Hayabusa 1175844d ago

This link is seriously messed. The page wouldn't load, and then I got an endless amount of windows opening.

blindrocket5844d ago

And this is in the PS3 news because?

kmis875844d ago

There were huge lines for everything at TGS. The line to get in was over a mile long!

specialguest5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

let TGS be a lesson well learned.

"if you build it, they will come"

see, maybe it wasn't the whole anti-american hardware issue that made the 360 failed in Japan. maybe it was just the lack of Japanese niche games.

calderra5844d ago

Maybe. I still side with the idea that 360 could ship with a 100% money back rebate and Japanese gamers probably sitll wouldn't pick it up... but I do hope I'm wrong.

360 just can't lose in Japan. Itagaki is working on Ninja Gaiden 2, Capcom has everything from Lost Planet to Street Fighter. There's Blue Dragon and Lost Oddyssey, Dynasty Warriors, Enchanted Arms...

There's price drops for the Japanese market, special bundles, a seperate section of the Live service just for Japanese-language titles (as there are for Europe and US too)...

There's absolutely nothing 360 lacks when facing the Japanese market except brand loyalty. And apparently that's still been enough to slay it thus far.

kmis875843d ago

Sporadic releases of games targeted towards a Japanese audience every two or three months still isn't enough to win over the market. Microsoft still has its work cut out for it enlisting Japanese developers to make a steady supply of games for their consoles. Thats the best way to make a foothold in the market. These high quality Japanese developed games coming out should help them, but Microsoft has to keep up the onslaught if they want to achieve significant market penetration. Otherwise there will still be only a segment of the population that purchases 360's and these purchasers will still only buy four or five games for it.