Making Of: The Sims

Written by: Kieron Gillen · January 18, 2008

In 1993, the Sims was referred to by corporate executives as "The Toilet game". It was the game where you clean the toilet. Will Wright and his small team had a product testing and review meeting at Maxis where the corporation had to decide whether they would publish this "Sims" thing or not… and the executive said "No." So the Sims was over…

Except Will Wright continued to work secretly on the game.

To date, over 70 million copies of the Sims and spin-offs were sold, but the Sims is a game that simply wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Will Wright's faith in the project. The Sims is the ultimate story of a triumph of a game designer: being proved right when almost everyone else thought him wrong.

"If you really believe in what you're doing, don't be discouraged easily," he grins, "otherwise you're in the wrong industry".

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has put up an interview with Will Wright in which he recounts the influences, history and challenges of making the Sims.

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