GamePro Preview: Naruto: Ninja Destiny Hands-On

GamePro writes: Nurato: Ninja Destiny is the best 3D fighting game on the Nintendo DS.

Naruto: Ninja Destiny features scenes, characters, and storylines direct from the hit TV series. Story mode follows the major events of episodes 1 to 140 for each of the 16 playable fighters, and fans of the series won't be disappointed.

Compared to the Japanese version, Ninja Destiny features three all-new fighters and runs at a consistent 30 frames per second.

There are 16 fighters in all.

A unique power-up system

With 140 episodes worth of story mode, all of your favorite Naruto characters, and wireless multiplayer battle mode (no gameshare), Naruto: Ninja Destiny is the ultimate 3D fighting game on the Nintendo DS and a must own for Naruto fans.

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Cyrus3654663d ago

The game looks pretty good, has lots of eposides to keep a person busy, and online play. Looking like a good pick up for DS owners, and especially for Naruto fans.