Fable: The Journey Just Might Be The Second-Best Kinect Game

Kotaku: There are 19 million Kinects in the wild and very few good games to play on them. I think most people will say that Dance Central is the best (partially because it seems to work more than 75% of the time). What's second best?

It could be this holiday season's Fable: The Journey.

NastyLeftHook04191d ago

this may perhaps be another great kinect game, i would watch out for this one.

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JohnApocalypse4191d ago

Look like Child of Eden, that game was fun

from the beach4191d ago

I feel like we still know very little about this game.. it makes it an intriguing prospect but also sounds alarms.

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Top 10 Worst Kinect Games

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "A few days ago, Microsoft announced that they were officially discontinuing their Kinect motion-sensing accessory. What was once considered a chief-rival to Nintendo’s Wii revolution and an integral part of the Xbox One’s launch has come to an end, and we here at Link-Cable… couldn’t be happier. The Kinect, while sporting impressive technology never managed to live up to its full potential and most of the games released for the device either had shoe-horned in support or barely functioned as intentioned, in part because of the device’s very specific ideal conditions. So as the Kinect sails off into sunset, we’ve decided to remember the worst of times and look back at the Top 10 Worst Kinect games."

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RyanDJ2213d ago

Kinect, for me, is easily worth owning for two things: Dance Central for me acting like an idiot and having fun, and Kinect Party for my kids when they want to have easy-access stupid fun at like a kid's party. Those were the only games I have enjoyed on it, and they couldn't be done any other way (well, I guess that KP is EyeToy-level work). But my hope is that when motion control falls away, we'll get a proper DDR again.

andrewsquall2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Yet for 150 quid it is and was most certainly not worth owning for solely those 2 games, that you have to pay money for also.

Now far be it from me to tell you what is worth it or not worth it to you. But if that is what is worth it to you, I don't want to know what ISN'T worth it lol.

RyanDJ2211d ago

It was worth it to buy one used for half price and get one of those two games for free. ;)

datriax2212d ago

All of them are tied for 1st place.

darthv722212d ago

Star wars wouldnt be so bad if it didnt have.... the dancing. Ughhh that dancing.

They should do a list of 10 best kinect games as well. I'm sure fruit ninja and gun stringer would be on there. Those are actually fun to play.


15 Xbox Games With Absolutely Horrible Sequels

When an original game becomes a hit, it can be difficult to re-configure its secret sauce into an equally enjoyable sequel.

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Christopher2378d ago

Would you say absolutely horrible hyperbole? :D

4Sh0w2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Halo 5?....pffft to each his own but Halo 5 is a great game, every Xbox owner I know enjoyed it, the campaign was nice I like the teamwork concept and the multiplayer keeps 'em coming back with great gameplay & modes so much content, 343 did a helluva job.

Christopher2377d ago

@4Show: Uh... going to assume that's a comment intended for someone else.

spicelicka2377d ago

Not Halo 5. It had a bad story COMPARED to past games but it didn't have a bad story overall. The gameplay was top notch, and multiplayer is still one of the best on the market right now. Custom games browser is the single greatest thing 343 did which I'm grateful for.

ninsigma2377d ago

Nah it really was a bad campaign. MP was great but seriously, that was a hugely terrible story mode.

spicelicka2377d ago

The story maybe, but some of the missions were extremely fun. The Sangehlios ones are right up there with the best missions in the franchise.

Kingthrash3602377d ago

Halos mp was great but became boring quicker than most.
The story. Naw that was bad and it's marketing was a lie. Made it seem like old master chief was gunna fight that new fake master chief but the conflict ended up being a one punch cgi sequence.
Not to mention fighting the same boss over and over and over....plus add the no split screen mp and whala! You got the worst canon halo ever made

brich2332377d ago

Compared to Halo 4, Halo 5's story was trash and not memorable at all.

ninsigma2377d ago

That's not really saying much though cuz that was pretty bad as well.

ninsigma2377d ago

Agreed on sanghelios. That was one of the very few times it actually felt like halo.

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Aenea2377d ago

And another article with 15 items from this website *shakes head*

MadLad2377d ago

Halo 5, FarCry 2, Dragon Age 2, Nuts and Bolts, and Gears of War: Judgement were all far from bad games. Hell, even Crackdown 2 was pretty fun.

There's a difference between a lesser sequel, and a bad game.

rlow12377d ago

With a Title that says "horrible sequels", most of these are far from that. Better title should be disappointing sequels. But I'm sure they went with the former to get clicks and bring in the fanboys.

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The legacy of Lionhead

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