Ape Quest (PSP) Review from IGN

Jeff Haynes of IGN writes:

"Overall, players will need to evaluate whether it's worth it to pay $9.99 each chapter (or $19.99 for a bundle of all three) to fully go through Ape Quest. Packed with mini-games and RPG elements, the game is an amusing diversion for your PSP. However, you'll have to accept or completely overlook the limited combat and repetitive nature of some mini-games to find it within this title."

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gamesR4fun4669d ago

games beyond bad
not even worth the bw for the free dl imo

ISA_Scum4668d ago

As an RPG junkie, it's in my DNA to atleast try this game. The Brother (15) loves it thus far and says for only $20, it was a total steal. I got to play it for like 5 minutes and will say it seemed promising enough.