Editorial: Is Gaming a Men's Club Only? [GAMINGtruth]

Recently Aisha Tyler had to go on her Facebook and defend her love of gaming. GAMINGtruth contributor Jamie Lynn O'Dell believes that it's time to stop pretending girl gamers are some sort of myth.

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SirNintend04389d ago

I think most people view female gamers as a rare breed. Maybe your girlfriend comes over and you are playing a game, and she joins in for a minute. Most of them won't stick around for the marathon nights though. Interesting article though.

user54670074389d ago

Well it really depends how you look at it

I'll try to word this correctly as I know one slip up and I'm going to have a ton of people taking what i say the wrong way.

Anyway, I think it kind of is because thats how gaming started out. Consoles, gaming in general have always been targetd towards a male audience because of the steroptype back then of "Geeks" loving computers and video games. Even how it was marketed showed it was targeted for men I mean look at the PS1 for example, grey, bulky, ugly looking...not something you would show off to get a girl interested. I'm not saying Girl gamers back then didn't exsist there just wasn't as many as there were of male gamers. As I've said gaming has pretty much always been targeted to men and I'm pretty sure more gamers in the world are male, hell even the online is a boys club. Boys calling peoples mams, calling each other names, bigging themselfs up to make them look cool because they know theres no way they are going to be beaten to a pulp...it's the reason why I think girl gamers get way too ofended when they go online because they can't handle the enviroment...although it dosen't help in some cases where most girl gamers yell out that they are a girl and make it so cringe worthy obvious.

Which brings me to my next point...the thing about girl gamers is that in this day and age where thanks to the Nintendo Wii making gaming more casual it's hard to actualy find a real girl gamer who's REALLY interested in games. Most girls on this site will obviously be real girl gamers because...well lets face it they obviously like them so much to make an account on a gaming news website but there are a lot of fakes out there who do it for a number of reasons.

Some do it for social reasons, the ones who try and fit in with male groups or mainly try and fit in with their social crowds...the "geek" stereotypes these days has evolved into a cool thing rather then a un cool thing if you get what I mean....theres facebook memes about it I'm sure you've seen them.

Some do it for boys attention or only do it to prove that girls are just as equal to boys, like as I mentioned, the ones who at the start of a COD online match would yell out that they are a girl gamer. "GIRL GAMER HERE..COMING THROUGH, A GIRL IS GOING TO OWN EVERYONE OF YOU GUYS", where she will be torn to pieces by hurtful comments only then to b*tch about how the online is immature even though it's her own fault.

Finally you have the ones who just lie because they think that playing on the big talked about games like COD, Halo, Skyrim for example makes you a gamer. Yet if you asked them if they watch E3, the VGAs, the TGS or talk about non hot topic games franchises at the moment which arn't in the media spotlight at the minute such as Half Life, Thief, Final Fantasy Versus, The Last Guardian or Eight Days they wouldn't have a clue what your going on about.

As I've said it's hard to get this across but it's the best I could do. Please don't take offense to it I just think deep down that theres more likley to be gamers who are male then female. You have to understand why it's hard to come across a female who is actually interested in games, not just the talked about culture that surrounds it


Scandalous recruitment standards in a Polish studio. A strip session in the background

Adrian Chmielarz, a famous game creator, revealed shocking details about recruitment in one of the Polish development studios. He shared a story on his Facebook that sparked community outrage among both players and industry professionals.

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gold_drake1d 4h ago

i dont see how that is so outrages.

Eonjay2h ago

"A woman looking for a job in gamedev was asked by the recruiter for a naked sauna session as one of the conditions of employment."

I don't know...

purple10135m ago

but they do sauna all the time in Finland, Sweden all those countries, right>>? hehe


Microsoft shakes up Xbox marketing as key exec departs for Roblox

Jerret West is leaving Xbox at the end of the month.

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TOTSUKO1d 20h ago

Won’t be missed. Xbox sucks at marketing in this industry. This is badly needed.

jznrpg1d 19h ago

I see Xbox stuff everywhere. On cereal boxes, toasters and fridges.. Xbox just sucks.

Scissorman1d 19h ago

This. Marketing isn't the issue. He's just fleeing the sinking ship.

1d 18h ago
DivineHand1251d 18h ago (Edited 1d 18h ago )

Unfortunately, Xbox has not done great with marketing this generation. One thing I found odd is that he is leaving Xbox for Roblox. I'm not sure how big Roblox is in comparison to Xbox but I can't imagine him getting better compensation from there. Perhaps he was forced out?

fr0sty1d 17h ago

It's simple, Roblox is profitable.

DivineHand1251d 17h ago

@fr0sty Would you leave your place of employment to work somewhere else for less pay just because that business is profitable?

You would have to be a special person to be ok with that.

zaanan1d 16h ago

That, or he is pulling an Elop.

DarXyde1d 9h ago


Not really. I don't know how much experience you have with working or how far along into your career you are, but profitability does offer an indication of how sustainable your job is. The company that is not profitable (or less profitable) is probably exploring options to cut costs, including axing jobs (we see Microsoft closing studios and really downsizing physical media operations. Valid concern in my opinion).

I doubt that's the only factor at play here and it could be any myriad of reasons why he's out: cut in compensation, not liking the direction of the company, toxic work culture, etc.

Either way, I can see a case for people leaving a job that pays better with less profitability. If you're in the marketing department and your brand isn't doing that great despite your best efforts, you probably want to coast for a while at a more profitable company.

Not saying that's reality, but I can totally see a case for that.

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Tedakin1d 15h ago

Xbox marketing has mostly been trash for a decade. Shake it up as much as you can.

RhinoGamer881d 15h ago

Marketing is not the issue at XBOX. Production and its leadership have screwed up royally. XBOX studios, wth are you doing managing these developers?!

XBManiac1d 12h ago

It is both and all... the best console with the most expensive invest in marketing and the "best" developers and the best online service with the best servers... but... well... also, the worst console with a bad invest in marketing and competition using Microsoft servers for their online services and... What is Xbox now, a console, a service, a platform, a brand, a dead project? This is a marketing problem, maybe.

XBManiac1d 12h ago

The problem is not the marketing, but how you invest the money in marketing. If you invest far more than the competition and receive less... the problem is the one in charge, isn't it? Well... Phil Spencer was a marketing guy, will he be the next? Unity are hiring... :)

DivineHand1251d 8h ago

How do you know how much each company invest in marketing and what evidence do you have to indicate Sony spends less than Xbox?

XBManiac1d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

Companies in the stock exchange have to publish their data. Make some research, it is for free.

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