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5027d ago
LJWooly5027d ago

I concur, my bald friend.

I know the PS3's going to have a stellar '08, but you have to admit, the 360's line-up ain't too shabby, either.

While there's nothing there with, say, the brilliance of MGS4, or the realism of GT5, that's still a great line-up, and is more than enough to keep the 360 owners happy.

Also, why did he get three disagrees? That is a lot of games. You can't disagree with fact, morons.

Panthers5027d ago

Fanboys can disagree with whatever they want too. Those games are sweet. Luckily I will get to play most on my PS3 like Sabotuer and LA Nior (I dont think this will go to 360, but who knows)

LJWooly5027d ago (Edited 5027d ago )

I know they can, Panthers, but I don't think anyone uses the agree/disagree system properly on this site. They use it like this:

Comment I like = Agree
Comment I don't like = Disagree

So, even if the person clearly states a fact, if someone doesn't like that fact, they disagree with it.

It shouldn't be that way, but it is. Well, whatever...

Lew_Ijgee5027d ago

Very little of those listed are exculsives.

sak5005027d ago

hey idiot chad, spam...

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XBREAK3FIXME5027d ago (Edited 5027d ago )

That list PALES in comparison to Sony's lineup this year. And why'd they mention L.A Noire? It's PS3 exclusive. It was already confirmed that 360 can't handle the size of L.A Noire. Sorry! Why'd they mention Last Remnant? It's multiplat and will be better on PS3, seeing how Square Enix favors PS3. Lost Odyssey flopped, Marvel Universe got canceled months ago. Hardly any exclusives in there CVG are idiots LMFAO!

poos35027d ago

360 2008 line up is better than the ps3 2008 lineup

destroyah5027d ago

why post using that account? why not post from your real one? LOL! you'd have to be an idiot to say 360's lineup is better than PS3's. a moron. a douche bag. a loser. a fanboy. etc.

HCS5027d ago (Edited 5027d ago )

if all of them come out this year.

Whatever keeps you trolling, theirs still alot more to play on xbox 360 right now. In fact more then ten times more.

Meanwhile my ps3, will keep waiting in the corner covered in dust.

TheZippo5027d ago

Come on now, your PS3 collecting dust? You can always play movies on it! Besides I wouldn't let it get too dusty. Might run into some problems there.

sak5005027d ago

LOL the only thing ps3 does is collect dust. I'd like to buy one and keep it near the entrance door so that all the outside dust can just get sucked onto it.

heyheyhey5027d ago

LA Noire???? you can hope, but i wouldn't hold my breath for it

also i would wager good money on timesplitters 4 as a ps3 exclusive- why? well first of all it's developed by the same team that dumped the 360 version of haze, and why would they do that? some limitation probably bothered them. Secondly, well.... i just have a hunch thats all- time will reveal all

anyway it looks like the 360 will have some great games in 08- most notably Ninja Gaiden 2 and Too Human, but some other ones have caught my eye too

i will not be joining the 360 ship as most of the games that interest me are on pc, but i hope 360 gamers have a good year in 08 (apart from retards like wageslave and Xbox is the BEST..... they can kiss my shiny, round ass)

games4fun5027d ago (Edited 5027d ago )

it says this about la noire "make the trip over from its 'only on PS3' status once the exclusivity period has expired"

and the rest of the list includes games that are already out as well they mention rockband as upcoming and then include multiplats

this list is pathetic they could have actually done the list right and showcased games that are 360 exclusive but no, they pick ps3 exclusives and say its coming and then they add in Marvel which correct me if im wrong but isnt that game cancelled?

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