Omega Five (Xbox Live Arcade) - 411 Review - Posted by Damian Sarcuni on 01.14.2008

Omega Five enters the overstocked shooter market of Xbox Live with hefty challenges, beautiful backgrounds, and off beat Japanese flavor. Shooter fans will enjoy the challenge of the game that is difficult but not frustrating, and newer players will be amazed by the graphics alone. Though it is part of a genre that is already dominating the marketplace, this title is still worth a look.

• Graphics: 8.9 - Gorgeous 3D backgrounds and great enemy design.

• Gameplay: 8.0 - Fast paced and fun, though sometimes hectic.

• Sound: 7.9 - Japanese dubbing is humorous, music is classic shooter fare.

• Lasting Appeal: 8.0 - Several characters and game modes to choose from, each offering different challenges.

• Fun Factor: 8.5 - Challenging but never frustrating.

• Overall: 8.3 - Very Good

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