Analysts: NPD Highlights Continued PS2 Strength, PS3 Lags

Gamasutra, 09.05AM PST, 01/18/08 - Brandon Boyer

Following yesterday's U.S. sales report from NPD, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter and simExchange's Jesse Divnich have commented on still surprisingly strong PS2 sales, as well as continued troubles for third parties due to the PS3's relatively small installed base.

Divnich said 2008's momentum will likely indicate the 'true' console war winner.

Some PS3 software sales figures exclusive to simExchange highlight the problems third party publishers are having on the system.

SimExchange's report also offered figures for eight titles outside the top 10.

The PS3's future might also be aided by recent victories in the Blu-ray/HD-DVD battle, Pachter concluded.

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hardmetal4667d ago

The problem is the installed base of PS3 which most likely will increase in 2008 and totally will be different. So, what's the solution for this big issue ??! BINGO YES! more great games (1st party & 3rd party execlusives ), home service, bluray's lead and early success and of course cheaper price will do that.

LightningPS34667d ago

That's the only reason for this post

wiizy4667d ago

its simple fact that ps3 will be last this generation.. all that hoping 08 will be better will solve nothing... wii will be the winner this generation

Mr Marbles4666d ago

but yes PS3 will be in last place, I used to think getting the installed base up would solve PS3 problems, but this i more than just that, they have a problem selling games on that platform. I think the typical PS3 buyer fits a profile, and that profile of gamers dont buy games, then there are the guy who own PS3 and 360, they tend to buy for the 360 for several obvious reasons includung achievments.