Supreme Commander Xbox 360 Gameplay Videos, Jan 18, 2008:

• Tutorial - Brand new to the Xbox 360! Make sure you are fully trained in all operational aspects of your armored command unit!

• Recovery Mission - It's up to you to recover the components from the crashed transport!

• Intro - New features and units such as the Hoplite can be found amidst the death and destruction...

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BludoTheSmelly4662d ago

Nobody on console understands rts games. Waste of resources porting this over. Game is dull anyways, Starcraft 2 has more personality.

TheIneffableBob4662d ago

Yes, StarCraft 2 will be the better game, but Supreme Commander is still an excellent game. It's probably going to be too complex for console controls, however, and the slow and strategic gameplay will likely cause it to not sell well at retail.