IGN Xbox 360 previews 2008 - The biggest games and the boldest predictions

The dawn of a new year brings with it unlimited possibilities. With more than 200 games already announced for Xbox 360 and many more announcements coming, 2008 has all the makings of a monster year. IGN's purpose in providing a preview of Xbox 360 in 2008 is twofold: They want to help get your mind wrapped around the bevy of promising '08 titles and they want to leave you salivating for more.

The list of IGN's predictions (details are available on the twelfth page of the article):
- Gears of War 2 Won't be Announced at GDC.
- Microsoft Won't Release a Blu-ray Player.
- Microsoft will Continue to Try to Break into Family Gaming.
- Not Every Big 2008 Title Releases in 2008.
- IGN will Stop Getting Three Red Lights E-Mails by December 2008.

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HarryEtTubMan5969d ago

LOL go read PS3's.... IGN gave MUCH BETTER predictions for the PS3. MUCH BETTER.

GITPWNED5969d ago

Too bad all PS3rd games will be delayed, again, and 360 will come out on top, again. PWNT!!!

Mr Marbles5969d ago

chances are most of the PS3 titles will be coming in 2009 for sure.
We should expect MGS4,KZ2, GT5, and LBP, the rest will be flops or will be delayed till 2009.

pwnmaster30005969d ago

i don t really c was so great about fable, too human and alan wake those game seem kinda boring well maybe not alan wake because i no little about it and lost Odyssey look co but infinite, whit knight, ff 13 and that one age of connan look more better

zambrota5969d ago (Edited 5969d ago )

so would Jade empire 2.( if EA is ever making it)

Basically Xbox 360 rpgs dont shoot for the sun like Ff13 /Wks but they are very fun indeed.

I liked Fable/jade empire on my old xbox

5969d ago
Pandaren005969d ago

you claim this is a pro-sony site . LOL. This used to be a HAVEN for xbots like you until the past few months. The news has been looking good for Sony the past few months so maybe more people are thinking the ps3 is actually a good investment. No matter how much you spam, people will see right through you.

i Shank u5969d ago

an "xbot" is something that only exists inside your puny brain. we're all gamers here; not gamer-racists that go "shut up you stupid ps3agger! fvck you you xbot!"

zambrota5969d ago

there is no question about that.

It is perhaps the best gaming website.

Gamespot was once the best . Now it is not

Chaos Striker5969d ago

you'll post this in every thread eh? Guess I'll have to report it as spam and you futile efforts would have all been wasted. That also goes for your slander and baseless assertions.

Homicide5969d ago

Take away his bubble. He only has one left.

khrisnifer5969d ago

Where is Prototype on this list?

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zambrota5969d ago

It seems very likely since both xenon and cell would shrink to 45nm by mid 2008

mintaro5969d ago

compared ps3's lineup than yes, but compared to the wii's, id say it's pretty good. looking forward to fable 2 myself

zambrota5969d ago

even the multi games are better on any platform

Geez i dont get it . why do people buy wii?

wageslave5969d ago

AHhahahH! Deny. Deny. Deny.

Keep that stiffer upper lip son, and the Sony Defence Force will give you an award!!

Genuine5969d ago (Edited 5969d ago )

Your comment has been reported as spam. And say goodbye to a bubble. Your a well known Sony extremist, and if you can't do anything but troll in 360 stories, then your going to reap what you sow.

BTW, what is your SPG screen name, and how many accounts does this make you here at N4G?

sak5005969d ago

still better than the line up ps3 had in 2007

Salvadore5969d ago

The 360's 08 games are not as strong as the PS3, but it looks great and we're not talking about Wii quality.

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TwissT5969d ago

- Gears of War 2 Won't be Announced at GDC. This could just be hit or miss for me I hope it does get shown.

- Microsoft Won't Release a Blu-ray Player. Well MS said they would accept the winning format, but they have tons of pride so I don't think they would put it either.

- Microsoft will Continue to Try to Break into Family Gaming. It would be good if they did.

- Not Every Big 2008 Title Releases in 2008. Oh if this happens it will be a kick in the pants.

- IGN will Stop Getting Three Red Lights E-Mails by December 2008. I doubt it lol. =P