Ubisoft Reflections working on Watch Dogs

Ubisoft's Reflections studio in Newcastle is collaborating with Ubisoft Montreal on the company's new IP, Watch Dogs.

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jamesensor2372d ago

By the looks of it I bet it will run on only quad cores 5ghz with 6gb minimum ram and 4gb ram ultimate gfx, and forget laptops lol. By this point of view, it's a new "oh no.. not another gta4 for the next hardware in 2 years" Many people on pc won't be able to play this on an average rig. The game is impressive in features, mostly the cell phone thing :D

GamingPerson2372d ago

and the multiplayer thing.

BiggCMan2372d ago

They didn't show multiplayer yet did they? I don't recall seeing it.

BiggCMan2372d ago

No way in hell that a 4gb GPU will be required for this game. My GTX 580 with 1500mb can run the latest iCEnhancer for GTA 4 very easily, and that is about on par with what was shown in watch dogs, at least graphically.