Need for Speed: Most Wanted Streamlines Customization with Open-World Gameplay (Interview) - E3 2012

"The Need for Speed franchise has been the home of many riveting memories in gamer's careers since its debut in 1994 on the 3DO. Need for Speed: Most Wanted looks to take the franchise to a level in which no other racer has reached with a collection of incredible gameplay, stunning open-world environments, endless customization and more."

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kingteekej2318d ago

Before I got into sim-racing(ish) games like Forza and GT I played a lot NFS: Most Wanted. I hope the next one will be the same feel, with about the same physics. Arcade gameplay with a feel of NFS: Shift. I hope you wont be able to use NOS with handbrake to corner in 230 mph.

Drakesfortune2318d ago

He failed answer the question! just beating around the bush talking about autolog etc...what i want is to be able to make my lambo to look ridiculous with neon lights, stupid and viynls something that was awesome in the last need for speed most wanted..

ah well fuck ea

an0nym0us2318d ago

and there goes that crappy ass open world racing, which #[email protected]$ing sucks for me.