E3 Hands-On: Rocksmith for Bass | VGW

VGW: Last year, Rocksmith was certainly an underdog when it launched amidst a swarm of AAA blockbusters, and roughly a year after the “collapse” of the music gaming genre. We gushed over the intuitive guitar tutor disguised as a game, and while we aren’t allowed to disclose the exact sales figures, it’s safe to say the Rocksmith devs are thrilled with what they’ve been able to accomplish. Following our conversations at E3, we know Rocksmith has been a success for Ubisoft – despite having not yet launched in Europe or Japan.

This year, Rocksmith adds support for bass guitar slingers and novices alike. This is a comprehensive DLC expansion pack; much more than bass charts added to the existing game. It’s truly a new title: Rocksmith for bass.

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outlawlife2373d ago

rocksmith is fun but the add on songs have been pretty lackluster

jaseo2373d ago

song taste is subjective. there is no way they will please everyone.

at least you can pick and choose, but I have downloaded most of them simply to learn varied styles which I think helps your playing overall.

playing music and listening to music can be quite different experiences.

I am looking forward to a better UI, plus I hope they fix some of the ps3 stability issues.