Rocksmith™+ Offers More Guitar Music Learning Than Ever

Rocksmith+ will be available for $14.99 per month, $39.99 for a 3-month subscription, and $99.99 for a 12-month subscription. The subscription service provides free content updates that will add new songs weekly, as well as new modes, practice tools, and other features on a regular basis. Rocksmith+ has world premiere learning tools that takes the guesswork out of music mastery. But even the world’s premier music learning software needs to be fine-tuned for the millions of songs we plan to have down the road. So we’re inviting users to test it out free, and make our PC Closed Beta even better. Get a chance to test Rocksmith+ now by going to and registering.

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galgor40d ago

Was interested in this until they used the S word. Then it became an instant nope.

BigMalk40d ago

Depends really. If their track list is huge, it could be worth it. There aren't any other apps that allow you to get play along content like this online, and most of the tutorial stuff is sub based anyway.

Hate the idea of subs for games, but for learning/practicing guitar, it fits into what already exists.

The previous Rocksmiths were high quality, and actually worked as a way to get better, so this may just be worth the punt. I won't say it is, as that would just be a prediction, but in the musical learning space, it could be.

Aussiesummer40d ago

This is where the pricing isn't all that ridiculous.
think about how much lessons would cost per lesson and it's really no different.

Magog40d ago

Forget that. I'll just keep using the old Rocksmith forever. Worst deal imaginable.

Outlawzz40d ago

How much content does the 2014 rocksmith come with before you have to purchase dlc ? Considering buying that if it has enough without spending a ton of cash

Magog40d ago

2014 is what I have and the guitar cable which has to work better than the microphone idea.

Outlawzz40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@Magog Thanks for the info I decided to give it a shot on steam for $30 with the cable. Hopefully it has a good few hours worth of playtime.

lociefer40d ago

This game has endless potential, before you dive into official dlc. Check out customsforge website. All the custom dlc you can handle

Outlawzz40d ago


That sounds great, seems I made the right decision then lol

BigMalk40d ago

Agreed. If it comes with the whole previous library of songs, that's absolutely hundreds of tracks to learn, with more added.

My only worry, is that they pump out the other genres that don't heavily focus on guitar, therefore stuffing the list with generic, four note repeating riffs, instead of more complicated stuff like blues, rock, metal and soul.

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Rachel_Alucard40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

It feels like they just pulled an Animaze move. There is an app called facerig that many Vtubers and aspiring ones used to move their avatar around. The company saw that and just re-released the same thing with minimal changes and slapped a subscription fee for extended use. Essentially the company just wants more money then they're making when they were giving people the ability to pick and choose what they want.

With Rocksmith, most people never bought Ubisofts DLC and just used custom songs from Customsforge which has 50K+ songs while Ubisoft would release 3 a week and charge $15. There is 0 reason for this thing to exist since it offers nothing anyone cares for and they know that but they are trying their hardest to switch business models but its too late.

Magog40d ago

I have Rocksmith for PS4. How good of a computer do you need for the PC version?

SirBruce40d ago

Cheapest one with a microphone.

Rachel_Alucard40d ago

Its graphically not an issue to run on most devices as long as your computer has 4 gb of ram among other cheap options.

Kornholic40d ago

Subscription? That's ridiculous. Just buy Guitar Pro, pay for it once, and after that you can learn your favorite songs with no extra cost for as long as you like.

Paleblood40d ago

Subscription based? But why?

Is a no no for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.