E3 2012 Highlights

Now that E3 is out of the way and the dust has started to settle, we thought it'd be a good idea to collect together all of the articles and previews we've written about this year's E3 and publish them in a single article so that you can easily view each of them.

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Spectator13416d ago

Definitely agree with The Last of Us winning the Game of the Show award.

BiggCMan3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I disagree. I think Watchdogs took the show by FAR. While I was also blown away by both Beyond, and The Last of Us, and God of War actually, Watchdogs just amazed me so much. I think it had MUCH better graphics than the new Star Wars game as well, that's a load of bull right there. But best new I.P is definitely a toss between TLOU, Beyond, and Watchdogs for MOST people.

@supernova: Well maybe it's because I have a high quality gaming computer that I was most excited about it, dunno. It wouldn't take much to get a computer up to the quality that is most likely needed to run that game, and the result is astonishing. I'd much rather get this game on PC than my PS3 because of how much smoother it will run, and the demo shows us that. The console versions will be quite behind that demo for sure.

hellzsupernova3416d ago

Watch Dogs did look awesome but Beyond blew me away more and The Last of Us demo showing actual ps3 gameplay was astonishing until i see gamepay on ps3 for watch dogs i am not getting too hyped about it yet

Kantor3416d ago

It seems plenty of games were shown at E3 after all.

NonApplicable3416d ago

Watch Dogs looked yawn worthy. I don't see the appeal.

DigitalAnalog3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

I think TLOU got a lot of attention for that fact that it felt very different compared to other offerings this generation. Most people who watched the E3 conference that time was shocked by the way ND changed it's directive approach and it's riveting presentation. It was blunt, brutal and surreal.

However, this caused just a lot doubts which ND probably predicted which is why they had a 2ND closed-door showing. It was THIS time that many doubters suddenly saw the potential the game had and most likely secured it's position for being GoTS. Kotaku, destructoid, IGN and others were pretty much split in the inital E3 showing but suddenly became unanimous in it's praise after the closed-door approach.

Since none of closed-door presentations (other than articles) was viewed by the non-attendees, the lingering doubt from the first presentation still lingers on. I'm pretty sure many would change their opinion once they've seen the "closed-door" showing.