Capcom Unveils Lost Planet PS3 Date, New Details (Including Mega Man, Dead Rising Character)

Shacknews is reporting the PlayStation 3 version of the once-Xbox 360 exclusive Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will be in stores February 26. Publisher Capcom, which developed the game internally, provided the date along with several new screenshots.

The PS3 edition contains all of the downloadable multiplayer maps released for the other versions, along with exclusive multiplayer characters, including Dead Rising (X360) protagonist Frank West and the ever-iconic Mega Man.

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decapitator4662d ago

So they are including mega man in this game to make it look more interesting ? Sorry, but I already beat this game on the PC. How about they start working on Megaman game.

zambrota4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

Lot of japanese gamers would be buying this game for that character.

marketing methods huh

Guys this is coming to you for 39$ so i think it is a good price for the game.

It is hard to not buy the game even if you are american/european

Cyrus3654662d ago

It's only a multi-player character...not storyline wise or anything.

sonarus4662d ago

the only game i might be playing at that time is dark sector and thats a maybe. Priced at 40 bucks i might jst give this game another shot. Plus now my friends have ps3's so i can play online with them till we get back and fall back to warhawk

marinelife94662d ago

And Capcom thinks I'm going to waste my limited gaming time with this port because of what again?

Violater4662d ago

i would buy it 1/2 price

mikeslemonade4662d ago

It's a good rental and even though this game is old most PS3 fans have not played this game.

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UnblessedSoul4662d ago

Why are capcom giving us the leftovers, nobody will buy this garbage game

Bladestar4662d ago

hehe... now you know how xbox 360 gamers feel about Epic Unreal Tournament.... I think Capcom should of just release lost planet 2 for both platforms instead of giving PS3 gamers an old game.

zambrota4662d ago

Lost Planet is a Trash game.

dont compare Ut3 with Trash planet.

If you are waiting for Ut3 on xbox 360 then you are waiting for a good purpose/game not some trashy game like LP

decapitator4662d ago

Dude, by now you should know UT3 will not be coming out for Xbox 360. Regardless of what anyone tell you, GeOW is coming out this year.

Cyrus3654662d ago

Anybody catch the price of this game, it might sell decent (Atleast in japan) if it's not priced to expensive.

zambrota4662d ago

japanese gamers always prefer low priced products so yes this will sell in Japan

Lost planet sold 56k on xbx 360 in Japan

so for 40$ i beleieve japanese gamers would actually pick up the game

Daver4662d ago

i downloaded the video on the store and it looks horrible... i hope people wont buy this crap to show to Capcom that we dont want garbage and refurbish things

Iron Man 24662d ago

At $39.99,it is hard NOT to buy this game

It's a bargain,you get Lost Planet,all the extra DLC content at no extra cost,and two exclusive multiplayer characters?wow!

I will be buying this game for my PS3,but PLEASE give us PS3 gamers Deadrising 2 at least Capcom

heyheyhey4662d ago

yeah i want dead rising original and any sequels on ps3

seems kinda inevitable seeing how capcom loves multi-platform goodness (see DMC4) and since they ported one IP.... why the hell not the other?

Capcom isn't exactly a Squeenix-type 3rd party publisher they are more of an EA-type publisher so i think it's safe to say that DR will come to ps3

it isn't exactly the most original or innovative game, but it looks like fun and i want to play it (well i have at my mates house, but i would like to add to my collection)

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