Do You Remember? - Need for Speed: Underground 2

Nave360's Charlie writes:

"Developed by EA Blackbox (who believe it or not developed Need for Speed: The Run and the "Skate" games), this was the best Need for Speed on the last generation of consoles... unless you count Most Wanted, but I never played that. Some critics were a little bit harsh with the game, but others knew this was a true Need for Speed game. This is the sequel to the less popular "Need for Speed: Underground" and whilst I liked it, the sequel bettered it by a lot."

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xursz2373d ago

Underground 3, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

brettyd2373d ago

Best NFS ever? Yes I remember.

Tony-Red-Grave2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

i dont know about "best" but it had the most depth in any NFS IIRC. It's been a long time since i played it on gamecube, or ps2, But i remember being able to see the engine when i hooked up new parts. also remember the special parts i won for my dodge neon...... Then selling it for a god damned supera.... saddest day of my gaming life

edit: i could actually be remembering the original game :/ been to much of a long time.

El_Colombiano2373d ago

Did I just read Neon > Supra?

sriki0072373d ago

the visual customizations were the best in that game. Ahh good times.

Wolfbiker2373d ago

I enjoyed 1 more but they're both sweet.

Tzuno2373d ago

Do you mean best nfs ever yes i remember :)

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