Is the world's biggest gaming conference becoming irrelevant?

It has now been more than five years since the war between Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii was at its height.

And as the popularity of app-based games on Apple's iOS platform and Google's mobile Android operating system continues to grow fast, many are asking whether console - and even PC - gaming still has the same relevance it once did.

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wishingW3L2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

in the gaming world people love to write doom articles about everything. Why?

dark-hollow2323d ago

the latest trends of showing kiddy casual crap at E3 is the biggest problem.

E3 is watched mainly by the core gamer, then why show stuff that doesnt interest him/her at E3?

casuals most of them dont even know or care about E3, then why show these stuff at the show is just beyond me.

Midori2323d ago

Maybe the idea is to get the news out in a way that every publication will be covering. Announcing something like Wii Fit at E3 won't directly allow casuals to see it, but it puts the announcement on a pedestal thus making it seem more noteworthy than a nonchalant press release and some screenshots. When mainstream journalists (the ones who cover things beyond video games) release the news in a publicly accessible form, it will resonate with the casuals there.

Of course, that's just my own theory. Surely there's a reason for it if the big three video game companies and others use E3 to display products with appeal to the average person.

WagFanger2323d ago

'Seasoned UK games critic and broadcaster Johnny Minkley agreed. He said: "With no Apple, Google or Facebook, and limited space for smartphone and tablet content, how relevant E3 is in its current form is the bigger question.'

You can f*ck right off Johnny. It was already acknowledged earlier in the article that E3 is for the hardcore. No need to have E3 filled with iPhone apps and Facebook '-ville' games, thank you.

dangert122323d ago

Gaming has changed a great amount this generation, and In correspondence so has e3...I still enjoy e3's personally enjoy seeing what sony has for me, laughing at Microsoft the milo demo who wants a friend in the tv? lol and nintendo just rehash everything in my eyes but they make good rehashes O_o lol

Ravenor2323d ago

Correspondence? You're exchanging letters with E3?

El_Assenso2323d ago

Hahahaha!! Correspondence!! LMAO! Hahaha!!!

tweet752323d ago

for the first time this the year the biggest announcements from all 3 major companies were made outside of E3.

Nate-Dog2323d ago

To say it's irrelevant is a big exaggeration but I can understand why people are becoming a bit disillusioned with it lately. The thing that gets me is the focus on children's games and things not really that related to games (dancing, annoying hosts who are trying to be funny, etc.) when the vast majority of people who look forward to, tune in to, and go to E3 are surely big nerds like most of ourselves who just want to see some games. I think a lot of companies now just seem to prefer to announce their games when they feel like it too.

Ravenor2323d ago

When everything is broadcast live on Spike TV it changes everything. E3 is a event for the promotion of publishers and Developers wares, things like Wonderbook and other "Kid" oriented crap has the potential to sell like gang busters. It would be stupid of them to not highlight those kinds of things at the biggest video game media event in North America.

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The story is too old to be commented.